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Special post turning to March

Hi guys,

I said they would be a special surprise coming on the 25.02.2011, however since I was very busy, I didn’t get the chance to do it. 😦 So it will be turning to the 5th of March.

They will be updates about Mario games, Call Of Duty games, my new Pokemon Black and much, much more.

So remember to be there on the 05/03/2011 (and this time it will happen!).

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


The new February is March

Hi guys,

I was going to say February was going to be a great month, in some ways, it did. In others, it didn’t. Happily Pokemon Black and White is coming out on Friday 4th of March, and good job someone has got it for me. I will inform you more about this aswell.

Also, today could be noticed as the 0th of March, because a couple of things worked out good, especially the bit where I unlocked DK Jr on Mario Tennis. You can get 2 unlockables to make your set of 16, unlocking them easily:

Dk Jr: Complete Doubles on Tournament mode.
Shy Guy: Complete Singles on Tournament mode.

Well another post will be made in a bit, about the special posts, so cya in a bit!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

Big updates

Hi guys,

You may have noticed I haven’t made alot of updates this week, and since the half term is over, school is tomorrow or Tuesday. Mine is tomorrow, so I’m telling you all the latest news.

I finally got Mario Tennis on Friday and I’m trying to unlock the 2 characters, Shy Guy and DK Jr. I have 1000 Wii Points now, so if they are any more games I get I will inform you.

Soon it’s mlp3399’s birthday, and a couple of weeks ago was purdyw’s birthday, but mine isn’t until Summer. He is hoping to get Call Of Duty: World At War and Xbox Live Gold Membership for the Xbox 360. Then a week and a day later he will get Pokemon White.

The 2 exciting release dates soon: Pokemon Black and White on the 4th of March and the 3DS with many games out on the 25th of March. You could get the latest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine and read all about the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV 3D, and 6 pages of the latest Pokemon game out, that’s what I can tell you, get read for the next one!
For more details, see the Nintendo Channel on your Wii to know more (as I know loads, and the post will go on for ever and ever), go ONM!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

New Humour Blog Ran By You!

We need you to help us out on our new humour forum ran by you! It opens on the 1st March 2011 so be ready to get your account, here is a current list of Mods/Owners:


Pokemonster- He Is Deciding

Evil Thing (A.K.A Wackybogey)- He is Deciding

There is a topic regarding this that you may want to check out.

Click here to visit the forum (and maybe even bookmark it)

Successes and Failures

Hi guys,


Well today has been with it’s ups and downs. Sadly we didn’t accomplish the Mario Sports Mix target (because we didn’t have enough time) and can’t put on the Ak74U pic as I have lost my adapter. 😦

I’ll find it soon, so I can put it on for you to see what the AK74U2 is like, how much bullets it has and how much ammo it has.

In other news, we have my success of joining DragonFable so can you be against me or not (AdventureQuest – Lv 15, DragonFable – Lv 5), depending if we can battle since I’m a non – guardian (I’ll try and find that for you).

I hope you enjoy what is coming up in 4 days time for our great surprise!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


This place is becoming an underpopulated dump. I understand Pokemonster2908 has put loads of effort into making this blog a success, but It’s not gonna work. So I’m officialy leaving this blog and all other BogeyTeam blogs for at-least 3 months. I may have to sell BogeyTeam if it doesn’t go up from there.

Battleon games!

Hi guys,

Recently I am now playing AdventureQuest (since I haven’t played it since December, 2 2010) and I might be playing DragonFable and starting that soon! So try and look out for me (just on AdventureQuest for now)!!!!! And yes, my username is pokemonster2908, and you might fight a person called James (if it lets you, that is), but be warned; I’m a level 14. Unfortanutely I’m not a Guardian 😦 so I might not be able to fight you but I don’t know if you can or you can’t if you’re a new member.

Oh and if you love Pokemon, you’ll love this! Here’s my verdict:

+ Great if you love Pokemon
+ Loads to explore
+ Good thing to play when you’re bored
+ Enjoyable, Addictive Boss Fights
+ 4 files to make!
+ More stuff to do if you’re a guardian

AdventureQuest is a very good game and will keep you lasting for hours. It’s an online game, so you don’t even have to pay. 96%

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

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