How it works:
0% – 24% – Unplayable/Appalling

A bad example of a great game, forget it move on.

25% – 49% – Recruit

Not a really good game, but may have a couple of good things, however it would be better if it was a demo or a Quickplay game.

50% – 69% – Average

Good bits and bad bits, die hard fans will like it then others.

70% – 84% – Bronze Award

Nice games with a few minor problems, but they’re still pretty reasonable.

85% – 94% – Silver Award

Likeable, and these games here will be enjoyable to a lot of people and have loads of entertainment too. Must buy.

95% – 99% – Gold Award

A well polished and impressive game in any shape or form. Games that lie in these can be some of the best games ever…

100% – Platinum Award

The one of the best (if not, the best) video game on this console and will rise up to be one of the greatest video games in the world. Buy it, now.

3D Tetris (NVB) – 89%
“The last ever video game to be released on the Virtual Boy…”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 90%
Price – 75%
Music – 95%

While people in Japan got V-Tetris, us Americans got 3D Tetris. It was basically Tetris, but more confusing, as you had to drop down 3D pieces in a three-dimensional well which you could rotate 360 degrees along with a nice little indicator to show you where your blocks were in 2D. This could be very helpful if it was hard to see where your pieces were in the well.
Like V-Tetris, 3D Tetris offered 3 game modes – A, B and C. A is normal Tetris, B has 10 levels that you could complete and C is a bit like Tetris, but you could scroll the blocks when they were on the ground and to move them into the foreground or background. These game modes were interesting and good enough to play on.
The controls were very good too. It was easy to rotate the blocks using A and B and the well around with the D-Pad. On the other hand, L changes the view while R made the blocks fall faster. However the game did feel a bit slow and didn’t feel as fun as V-Tetris, but the gameplay was just as good.

+ It’s Tetris
+ Interesting game modes
+ Controls are good
+ Unique that you could move the well…
– …But it was a little confusing
– Feels a little slow

3D Tetris was a great idea, but the execution was sadly not the best in the world.

Bit. Trip Complete (WII) – 96%
“All 6 amazing Bit. Trip games combined in one!”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 95%
Music – 95%

If you’ve ever liked the Bit. Trip series in any shape or form and wanted all of the games in one? Well you’re in luck! Bit. Trip Complete for the Wii features all 6 games and more. In case you have never played the Bit. Trip games before, I’ll explain briefly the 6 different games (each one will have a full review) and then the all new Challenge mode).
Bit. Trip Beat: The first game in the Bit. Trip series, Bit. Trip Beat is a paddle and pong based game where you have to move the paddle to hit the balls, but start to miss too many and the graphics will change to retro style and is way further then simple. It’s pretty easy at the start, but the difficulty ramps up big time. The 3rd best game.
Bit. Trip Core: The only average game in the collection, Bit. Trip Core is actually also the hardest game in the series, which I guess makes up for it. As the little core in the middle of the screen, you can fire quick laser beams to try to hit balls as they pass through the middle of the screen.
Bit. Trip Void: Probably the second best game, what you have to do here is you need to move the black ball (AKA the ‘void’) and run into other black blocks to build up points which you can then store. Hit a white block however, and you’ll lose your stored points, so timing is the key here.
Bit. Trip Runner: Definitely the most popular and the most successful game of the series also being my favorite, Bit. Trip Runner puts you in the shoes of Commander video and you need to guide him to the end of each level by jumping, sliding, kicking and springing. However unfortanutely he never stops running, so therefore one mistake sends you back to the start.
Bit. Trip Fate: Commander Video returns again, and this time it’s Bit. Trip Fate. So you’re on a rail, shooting enemies and collecting power-ups when it’s safe. It’s the 5th best game in the series.
Bit. Trip Flux: Pretty much Bit. Trip Beat remade, however Bit. Trip Flux is a bit different. It’s from right to left and there are some new kinds of balls – ones to be avoided and others you have to hit. Probably only the 4th best game in the series.
Bit. Trip Challenge Mode: This mode has 20 unique and hard challenges on all 6 games, making even Bit. Trip fans from the start have something new to try out here.
This Wii version (yes, there’s a 3DS version too called Bit. Trip Saga) has 20 challenges and online leaderboards but unfortunately Saga’s controls are more accurate and the music is better too.

+ A joy to play
+ 20 New Challenges
+ Better and smoother gameplay than Bit. Trip Saga
+ 60 FPS per second unlike the 3DSs Bit. Trip Saga
– Music is just a little worse than Bit. Trip Saga
– Controls are a tiny worse than in Bit. Trip Saga

Bit. Trip Complete is a great collection of great games which will take you ages to complete. This is absolutely exceptional.

Bit. Trip Saga (3DS) – 96%
“It’s the entire Bit. Trip series. Now in 3D.”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 90%
Price – 95%
Music – 100%

While Bit. Trip Complete is more of the introduction one, Bit. Trip Saga is the more unique package. For example, Bit. Trip Beats and Bit. Trip Fluxs controls have COMPLETELY changed as you are not tilting the 3DS, but instead you are using the Stylus or Circle Pad to control the paddle on the touch screen. This makes life ALOT easier and it makes the game less frustrating too. Bit. Trip Fate now has a Circle Pad and Stylus combo, which works really well together. Bit. Trip Runner on the other hand, looks much more detailed and makes the game look amazing. Unfortunately apart from Bit. Trip Beat, the black and white screens and Bit. Trip Runner’s bonus stages, when you slide up from 2D to 3D the frame rate drops from 60 FPS to 30 FPS. While this doesn’t matter in Bit. Trip Void and Bit. Trip Fate, playing Bit. Trip Core, Bit. Trip Runner or Bit. Trip Flux makes the game look incredibly easy and it feels like a real step down. To make up for that though is that the sound is improved even more than Bit. Trip Complete, so if you though that was good, this is better. Ups and downs then, but Bit. Trip Saga is just as enjoyable as it’s older brother.

+ A joy to play
+ Very detailed
+ Music is better and more joyful than Bit. Trip Complete
+ Controls are more accessible than in Bit. Trip Complete
– Not as impressive gameplay than Wiis Bit. Trip Complete
– An unfortunate 30 FPS in 3D not like Bit. Trip Complete

Despite it’s flaws and some very shoddy ports, Bit. Trip Saga is just as great as Bit. Trip Complete, making neither of them the weaker version.

Bit. Trip Runner (WIIWARE) – 98%
“One of the, if not the best WiiWare game yet.”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 100%

Bit. Trip Runner isn’t just good – it’s near perfection. The music is the one of the best on Nintendo Wii all around (to be beaten by Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Skyward Sword and the legend Okami), let alone the Bit. Trip series and WiiWare. The platforming is also something a bit different, and actually quite challenging, so any the people who haven’t experienced it let me fill the game in for you. You are in the shoes of Commander Video, a Bit. Trip member who is trying to get to the end of 3 zones, each containing 11 normal levels, 11 mini levels (1 is played after you get all the pellets in a level) and a boss stage. He’ll never stop running however, so timing is the key to dodge, jump, duck and spring to the end of each level and a single mistake will send you back to the start of the level. Tricky, huh? Yep. At first you can only ‘Jump,’ making them quite easy, however later on you’ll gain new techniques, as well as new enemies to conquer. I think they is a total of 69 (LOL) levels to get through, and if that wasn’t enough, on Bit. Trip complete there are 20 more challenges to get through, making it up to 89 levels to conquer. So big game, right? It’s only 40MB big. But it seems like a proper, long game. And it is. Essential.

+ It’s a new kind of platforming
+ Joint best game on WiiWare
+ Amazing music
+ A massive game overall
+ Furiously addictive, hard to put down
– It needs to be a full, bigger game

Bit. Trip Runner is amazing in every way. Length. Platforming. Music. Fantastic.

Boom Street (WII) – 98%
“Mario and co. team up with Dragon Quest in this magical Mario Party/Monopoly venture”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 95%
Music – 100%

Utterly amazing. Full stop. Not only does Boom street has some of the best music overall, but it’s a nice, exciting way to play. It all works like Monopoly with only 4 minigames available – You buy shops, if anyone lands on a bought shop they have to play, etc. Boom Street has 27 characters, 1 being your Mii and then 13 characters, each from Mario and co. and Dragon Quest series – This is the first time Mario and Dragon Quest being in a whole game together (even though Slime was in Mario Sports Mix), as well as a ‘rank’ next to each players name, which I will explain later on. You also have to get all 4 suits before returning to the bank to receive your money (if you pass or land on the bank without this ability, you won’t get the money but if you directly land on it next turn you can go any direction), however you may get a Suit Yourself Card, which takes place of a Suit that you haven’t collected yet. Say, you go to the bank with 3 Suits and 1 Suit Yourself Card, they will give you your money, a level and the Suit Yourself Card will be taken away. Simples. Another new option is instead of Community Chest and Chance Cards there is a set of random cards. You can flip one of these over if you directly land on a Suit Space, or a Card Set space. Many include random surprises, some good, some bad, some having new characters randomly popping in (these are cards 28 [Gumdrops], 91 [Healslime] and 92 [Lakitu])! If you get 4 in a row you will get 40G, 5 you get 50G and so on until the very end where you get 200G – I may list the numbers effect on a Boom Street Guide page. At the start of the game, there will be 23 characters to choose from and 12 boards to play on, each obviously representing a characters location – one minute you would be hopping from one side to the other on the Yoshi’s Island stage, and the next you will be outwitting opponents on Slimenia. This offers a different style of board gaming, as well as some maps having spaces split out, while others have teleporters to get to the other side of the map and while this takes a bit of getting used to, when you do get into it alot more than before you will play this addictive game for hours on end. In story mode you have to play as your Mii and complete the first 12 boards in any order, each with facing 3 opponents (Mario and co. on Mario maps and Dragon Quest characters on Dragon Quest maps, obviously) and this is where the ranks come in. You see there are 5 different types or ranks: D, C, B, A and S, the higher the ‘grade’ the harder the opponents are, supposedly. After you complete all of those there are another 6 boards to play through, which makes this even more of a challenge.
So now let’s talk about the minigames. These are actually really good fun, testing your luck as well as knowing your ratios in ‘Sluprodrome.’
*Memory Block is pretty much the New Super Mario Bros. minigame, where there are 6 cards: 5 Ggoodies and 1 Bowser card. While in the New Super Mario Bros. games you’ll automatically stop the minigame and have your goodies as it is, in Boom Street you actually can lose money instead as well as only choosing 1 block in the minigame.
*Dart Of Gold is another luck minigame (all 4 minigames are ‘luck’ based) where either you get a Suit Yourself Card, 20G – 100G, 500G x level or ‘G’ taken off you.
*Round the blocks is basically 9 squares which spin to reveal either a Suit Yourself card, 20G – 100G, 500G x level or something else.
* Slurprodrome is like a betting race, the odds are higher to win when they are less treasure boxes for a slime to collect and the odds are lower to win when they are more treasure boxes for a slime to collect.
And if those minigames wasn’t even enough, on the board games you can do multiplayer and ONLINE. Yeah, not even kidding about that.

+ Mario Party and Monopoly goes well
+ 18 boards, 27 characters
+ Amazing music
+ Nice touch on minigames
+ Sweet online multiplayer
– Won’t appeal to everyone

Sure it won’t be for everyone, but Boom Street is essential to Mario Party and Monopoly fans. Congratulations, Square Enix, you win and help Nintendo out once again.

Crystal Monsters (DSIWARE)- 96%
“Pokemon clone. Is it any good? Hell yeah…”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 100%
Music – 100%

Well, well, well. They have been many bad rip offs for ages now. However, Crystal Monsters is actually a really good Pokemon clone. They are some epic theme songs in the game right off the beat, especially the Trainer fights music, even if they are only a few in the game, you don’t want the music to get boring right? Also there are some really well designed monsters, with nice names given to them. It’s a little easy at the start so it’s great for RPG newcomers and should enjoy this. It gets quite hard at the end, even if my monsters were still 5 levels above the final bosses level. To make things even better you can do either combo attacks or blocking, as well as having 2 files unlike Pokemon only fitting 1 file. However, the evolution is a little jerkish because they only just chance colour and adds either Plus or Mega to it. Also you can’t have all your monsters stored at once as well as not obtaining bosses and the game is needs a little aftergame as the Credits dread on FOREVER, so please make an update Gameloft and sort these few quibbles out (it doesn’t really matter about the evolution parts, just the other mini problems will do) and the game will be legendary.

+ Pokemon, for DSIWare
+ Over 160 Monsters obtainable
+ Some epic theme songs
+ You can do combo attacks or blocking attacks
– You can’t have all your monsters at the same time
– It’s not finished

Crystal Monsters is a nice, detailed game and will give Pokemon fans a chance to play this game to wait for a new ‘proper’ Pokemon RPG game. Please make a nice update Gameloft and the game will be near perfect. Well worth 500 points (£3.50)

Dragon Crystal (SGG) – 92%
“Plays like PMD, but is it any good?”
Graphics – 85%
Length – 85%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 100%
Music – 95%

Dragon Crystal is an interesting one. As the player rides a bicycle one late afternoon, he turns down an alley that he’s never noticed before and he enters an antique shop. There, a mysterious glowing crystal in sitting on a shelf. Upon approaching the crystal and gazing into it, a powerful force pulls the player in, causing a blackout. The player awakens in a forest with a large egg or globule following behind him (he changes each time you level up, which I will explain later). This forest is actually a huge maze, crawling with dangerous creatures. The player finds weapons and other items scattered around with which to fight the monsters. The only way out is to continue onward through 30 floors by standing on the “warp square”, defeating monsters, leveling up and growing in power as well as defense along the way. The player starts off in the middle of a complex maze level covered by “the fog of war.” The first ten levels are a random mixture of trees and cacti, the next 10 include Easter Island statues and the final 10 include sunflowers in there too, making the game different every time you start a new game. If that was difficult to understand, it gets even more complex. Weapons, armor, potions, rings, food, money and enemies are placed randomly in each level. Weapons have different powers depending on their names, and their strength increase each time you level up or decrease if you move down a level. The same goes for defensive armor, and they can be both increase by using potions and rings, which I will go onto now. Different potions and different rings do different effects so you need to be really strategic on what potions and what rings you need, as you can only carry up to 10 of each item in your possession. You can also use these items on yourself, throw them at an enemy (which will no longer be in your possession and there’s no way to recover these, unless you “save state” before you do this) or drop them onto the ground, meaning you can easily pick them up again as long as you have enough storage remaining. On the other hand, food makes sure you stay alive and you don’t die of starvation. You can do this by picking up cake (which will give you 11 to 27 FP a.k.a Food Points) or meat (which will give you 42 to 46 FP). However don’t pick them up if you have 100 FP because that’s the highest you can hold, and 1 step equals 1 FP taken away, just so you know. Your money is your score (I think), and each time you continue if you die, you lose half of your gold and you can only continue up to 3 times before GAME OVER, so basically you have 4 lives. If you die and have no money left, that’s GAME OVER too. The graphics in the GAME GEAR handheld edition are exactly identical to the MASTER SYSTEM version, making them quite impressive. The music is amazing too and while it may start to get a little repetitive while you’re on the 10th floor, once you warp to the 11th level the music changes, and the same goes for the 21st level, making the music never boring and a joy to play through. Not only that but the floors, like I said earlier, are randomly generated into 2 different areas (1F-10F), then 3 different areas (11F-20F) and then 4 different areas (21F-30F). Essentially then, you have to play the game 4 times to see everything what the game has to offer, making it not repetitive in the slightest. However some of these floors are downright IMPOSSIBLE if you do not have the correct items in your item stash. Well people might think this is a good challenge, it can get frustrating quite quickly if the game is picking the wrong floor for you to explore, and that’s the only downside of Dragon Crystal. Apart from that though, the game is simply amazing with PMD gameplay and incredible music etc. so if you’re a fan of RPG’s and for only £2.70, you can easily consider this an essential purchase.

+ Interesting plot
+ Plays like PMD
+ Definitely worth £2.70
+ Items are unique
+ Some clever mazes
– Some impossible mazes

Dragon Crystal is amazing. The gameplay is almost the same to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon adventures, and it works brilliantly. A classic.

FAST – Racing League (WIIWARE) – 98%
“Jett Rocket developer Shin’en produces a high speed wonder”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 95%

The next F-Zero. That’s all you need to know about Fast – Racing League, a sensational racer which not only looks amazing, but is amazing. It’s also the best racing game on WiiWare, and the joint best racing game on the Wii itself, next to Mario Kart Wii! So at the start of the game, there will be only 1 League to choose from: The Neutron Shima League. Once you beat all 4 races in that Grand Prix, you advance to the next league, and when you beat that one you go to the next one, and so on. You advance the classes in difficulty as well, which obviously makes everything ALOT harder, and it’s even still difficult on the 1st League. But that’s no bad thing. FAST – Racing League has really impressive graphics, 12 really well polished and beautiful looking tracks, 1-4 splitscreen multiplayer (which works), 6 very detailed cars and it’s only £7. That’s 1000 Wii Points people, 1000. So is it worth it? Looking from above, of course. There are also 20 challenges, which play like the ones on Mario Kart DS, where you have to finish in a certain time etc., which improves the games’ length even more. The only real niggle of the game that there is no form of online whatsoever. No online racing, no online leaderboards, nothing. So if you prefer 12 racers on the screen instead of 8, item throwing and online racing madness, stick with Mario Kart Wii. If you’re for 8 racers on the screen, more serious and faster racing, go with this. Both are essential, really nice packages, that are really worth their money.

+ Awesome graphics
+ Plays like F-Zero
+ 20 impressive challenges
+ Cars and tracks are very detailed
+ Really well polished
– No online…

A sensational racer. It’s well polished, it’s very big and it looks amazing. Essential for serious and expert racing fans, but newbies and non-serious people can still enjoy this too.

Final Fantasy (NES) – 93%
“The original is rolling into the UK…”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 90%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 100%
Music – 90%

Final Fantasy I finally arrives to Virtual Console. Worth the wait? Definitely. Final Fantasy is probably the joint best RPG game, and it isn’t even made or published by Nintendo. That means it can’t be good, right? Wrong. It is developed Square Enix, who also made Mario Slams Basketball, which was really impressive. Final Fantasy is about 6 warriors (Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage and Black Mage), and 4 to select from. These all are very weak at the start but if you buy weapons, armor and teach them Light and Dark Magic, you will improve momentally. You can improve as well as upgrade throughout the game, and without the odd repetitive battle, this is a very fun game to play through. themselves change: Also the characters are very well designed, each evolving later on in the game. This makes the game very exciting to play through and it makes you want to know what happens next. The only real flaw is that there’s no multiplayer and there is only 1 file to make too due to the NES storage space back in the day, and the Virtual Console release didn’t change this. Luckily you can save in the game unlike other NES titles, but remember to reset the game when you start it up. Or something like that. Happily this isn’t complicated on the Wii Shop version of the game, which makes things ALOT easier. So if you want to be a ‘proper’ Final Fantasy fan, start with this first, as it’s good to start with the original. It’s only 600 Points too.

+ Final Fantasy as we all know and love
+ Controls are well balanced
+ Good value for money
+ It’s a classic
– Quite repetitive music
– What, no multiplayer?

A great way to start a sensational bunch of games. A great RPG package.

F-Zero GX (GCN) – 98%
“The other best racing game on the ‘Cube.”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 95%

F Zero GX is amazing. End of. F Zero X was the one of the only 2 F Zero games with all 30 cars being on the screen at once that you can buy, this being the other. Everything is bigger and probably all better – Grand Prix, Music (even if it had the epic Metroid theme), length, gameplay and graphics. It may not have Death Races or Track design, but instead F Zero GX offers more characters to unlock (including AX characters), more tracks to discover (as well as F Zero AX), custom machine design, an item store and an amazing storyline featuring Captain Falcon putting an end to a new villain Deathborn’s plans. You can also activate special secrets, staff time trial ghosts, harder difficulties etc. and is a must buy for racing fans. 41 Characters, over 25 tracks, high speed, classic music, it’s all awesome. An essential purchase.

+ An epic story plot
+ A great Grand Prix mode
+ Time Trials
+ A nice Customize section
+ Best Gamecube graphical game ever
– Needs track customization and death races.

F Zero GX is a really successful game in anyway shape or form. Buy it now.

Galactic Pinball (NVB) – 95%
“It’s pinball with a twist.”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 90%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 100%
Music – 95%

It’s a really good pinball game. It really is. First off the graphics are good, it’s clear to see the 4 pinball tables, and they look really well designed, too.
The minigames on these tables makes the game stand out as well, which include shooting down spaceships and trying to kill comets. This makes it exciting and it’s a good way to rack up points very quickly, which actually has a purpose in this game.
You see in most pinball games, the aim is to try and beat the high score set by the CPU or yourself, but in Galactic Pinball not only do you have to try and get as many points as possible, but when you’ve obtained a total of at least 50,000,000 points before GAME OVER, you have actually beaten the game. Well at least the credits show up if you manage to do that, so we assume so.
Also, the music is also really impressive too. They definitely suit the galactic theme and they are very addictive to listen too as well.
Another positive of the game was the controls. You could either use L+R or the D-Pads for the flippers. While L+R made the game more like proper pinball, the D-Pads were actually easier to control surprisingly.
The only downside of Galactic Pinball was when your ball reached the flippers via the side of the table, the pinball would actually slow down so you could flick the flippers which made the game easy.
Galactic Pinball is a great game that was definitely one of the better Virtual Boy games and deserves to be in your collection.

+ Pinball like never before
+ Fun minigames
+ Good controls
+ Impressive graphics
+ Addictive music
– Pinball slows down near the flippers

This has four tables with four minigames in total along with four great soundtracks.

Golf (NVB) – 91%
“A well-designed little golf game…”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 85%
Gameplay – 90%
Price – 95%
Music – 90%

A simple game with a simple title with a simple aim – get your golf ball into the each of the 18 holes. It was actually quite enjoyable, though.
First, the graphics were impressive, the trees on either side of the courses looked really well detailed, and the course itself were well designed. However it doesn’t feel right to play in red and black, but since the Virtual Boy had to due to price limitations there was no choice unfortunately, and that’s the only problem we have with the game.
Secondly, it was actually a full 18-hole golf course. Quite alot of Golf games only features 9 holes and were basically mini-golf, however games like this and the Mario Golf series had 18 hole-golf courses which both included save systems that you could use if you wanted to finish for now but would carry on in a little while. While Mario Golf had an easy save system (due to the game being released on the Nintendo 64), Golf for the Virtual Boy featured a password system. Basically at the end of each level, you would get a code. Then you could type in these codes in the password menu next time you would play. It was easy to use too, making it scoring marks in this review.
Thirdly and finally, how you would hit the ball is unique. You would have to figure out which golf club you need (I think it was), select how powerful your shot wanted to be and if you wanted to curve your ball or not.
Golf is a good game that will definitely appeal to Golf fans but also collectors as well.

+ Clever ball hitting design
+ A useful password system
+ Well designed
+ A full 18-hole golf course
+ Graphics are reasonable…
– …But Black and Red didn’t mix well

It’s Golf a game. But not a bad one a that, with some very well designed courses. Buy it, you might just like it.

Hotel Mario (CDI) – 53%
“The worst Mario game ever.”
Graphics – 70%
Length – 85%
Gameplay – 30%
Price – 10%
Music – 70%

Before you ask, Hotel Mario is not made by Nintendo in any shape or form. It was actually developed and published by Phillips for it’s doomed CD-i system and became the most popular game on the console but unfortunately, it was a failure of a game and as a result is the worst Mario game ever (well up to date anyway).
For all of those people who thought it was about a hotel, it’s not. Basically, Peach got herself kidnapped again and Mario has to rescue her – again. Big surprise, I know. The princess gets kidnapped by one of her koopalings and she becomes a permanent quest at one of the koopalings’ hotel – unless she gets taken, of course.
It actually has cutscenes in too, and while this may sound great on paper, in execution they are well…not that good. It does has some terrible voice-acting (especially the Mario brothers themselves) and while the graphics look pretty good, when it turns to the game itself, they are definitely worse (apart from the background) than the cutscenes.
Now lets move onto the gameplay, basically Mario has to open and close certain elevators so he can reach the platform where the enemies are and then defeat them. There are a total of 9 worlds with an uneven number of levels in each, but the total is a massive 75 levels. The sound effects aren’t that great either, but at least the music is up to a decent enough standard.
Hotel Mario is just not really a good game, with only a few little good bits in it. A missed opportunity.

+ Koopalings are in it!
+ It’s a pretty big game
+ It has cutscenes…
– …Which are hilarious
– Sound effects are off-putting
– It’s alot of money

It tries it’s best to be good but it just doesn’t work.

Insmouse No Yakata (NVB) – 89%
“It might sound weird, but it’s actually really good.”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 90%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 80%
Music – 90%

This is the only FPS (first person shooter) and horror game for the Virtual Boy, and it was actually pretty good.
The story reminds you of Doom. A man is trapped in a scary haunted house (well mansion) and he must complete 13 floors of the house so he can escape in time, defeating monsters on the way before he would die. The whole game has 45 levels/rooms in total to offer but like I said before, you only need to clear 13 of them. However different rooms and how you play does lead to alternate endings, 4 in total. You also collected maps along the way, making the game much more interesting and more useful throughout.
The graphics were pretty good and the monsters’ creepy sprites made the game stand out and it actually was effective and scary, so for a start it’s not completely without merit.
There was only 1 soundtrack in Insmouse No Yakata, but it changed throughout the game and it added more or subtracted less tension as the game went on, so it could suit the horror genre. This made the game work well and it was great to play through and adds to the atmosphere.
There was 2 problems in Insmouse No Yakata. First up are the controls. The right D-Pad was to aim your gun, R was used to shoot the gun, L was used to reload (you could only do this if your gun was out of ammo) and SELECT made the map appear (I’m not sure if START was a pause button and A was to open doors). It would of been much easier if the left D-Pad was used to aimed your gun instead of the left, as the game is fiddly that way.
The other problem was the price tag, which was a whopping £100. It was worth it though, as the gameplay was absolutely amazing. A nice FPS.

+ A great idea
+ Impressive soundtrack
+ Useful maps
+ Four different endings
+ Ugly sprites for the monsters
– Fiddly controls

As long as you can get past the controls, Insmouse No Yakata is a clever FPS and a scary horror game. Shocking stuff.

Jack Bros. (NVB) – 93%
“A rare Virtual Boy game, but is it a trick or is it a treat?”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 85%
Music – 100%

It’s a Jack Bros. platformer. Yep, didn’t know you was expecting that. And even though it was actually released for the Virtual Boy, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good game. In fact it’s a really fun game.
Jack Bros. has 4 worlds to offer with 15 levels in each (and 4 difficulties to play on), including a boss at the end of the last level of the world. In later levels, there are teleporters that you can step on to teleport to another place on the map, but there’s also more aggressive enemies. There’s actually one enemy that will actually chase you around until you kill him, and it can actually be quite scary. There’s also another enemy that drops bombs like Bomberman, so it can be hard to tell if he’s planting a bomb or not. Each world/level has a time limit, so you need to be quick and strategic otherwise you’re going to run out of time and die. Unfortunately when this occurs, you are sent back to the first level in the world instead of having lives and to be able to continue where you left off. This is irritating and annoying especially when you’re at the end of the world against a boss (the time still runs if you’re against a boss, by the way), but it does at least make the game harder and there’s a password system to make up for it. This password system is only 4 numbers long, making it yet again a very useful password system.
All 3 Jack’s have different abilities – Jack Frost shoots ice projectiles, Jack Lantern shoots fire projectiles and Jack Skeleton has a knife. Whilst Jack Skeleton’s attacks are more powerful, Jack Frost and Jack Lantern’s projectiles can be used for short range and long range. A good way to attack is to use the right D-Pad, as it’s much easier than using the left D-Pad + B combo and is probably vital for completing the game.
There are also different items that you can collect and use to help you along your way – from the orbs that act like a shield to the stars that are used for your special attacks, which can be used by pressing the R button and are extremely useful and helpful for defeating bosses.
The graphics are good, but the 3D effects aren’t used particularly well. The only one noticeable is when you jump down to the next level, but even that is not really impressive. Overall it does feel flat, but it doesn’t stop the game from being very good, which leads to Jack Bros. final good point.
The music is really catchy, so it’s obviously got one of the best music pieces on the Virtual Boy, especially Grim Reaper’s Cavern.

+ A unique platformer
+ The graphics are pleasing
+ Tons of replay value
+ Catchy music
– Can get a little frustrating
– The 3D effects aren’t that great

A surprisingly good platformer that’s well worth a look.

Mario Clash (NVB) – 92%
“1983 favorite Mario Bros. goes 3D…
Graphics – 95%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 95%
Music – 80%

It’s Mario Bros. In 3D. It’s actually a remake to the original Mario Bros. arcade and it was not going to be alone, and I’ll explain why in just a sec. For a minute though, I’m just going to introduce to all you newcomers what it’s all about. Basically, Mario and Luigi have to defeat evil creatures that have been coming from the sewers below New York, otherwise they will attack the people in the city. The gameplay focuses on Mario’s extermination of pests in the sewers by flipping them on their backs and kicking them away. Anyway, the reason why it was Mario Bros. in 3D with nothing else was because when the game was getting developed, it was actually planned to be in a much bigger game, called VB Mario Land (not related to VB Wario Land) but it didn’t get the chance to be released in Japan or the US before the Virtual Boy died. But like Bound High!, I think there is a ROM of the game, so you can get a chance to play it and if so, they will be a review of it.
Now onto the review of this game itself. Mario Clash has a whopping 99 levels, which is impressive. And instead of the password system, you can actually access the first 40 levels by press Left or Right on the D-Pad, which is pretty good I guess. To complete these levels, you have to defeat these enemies (just like Mario Bros. or about any other Mario game, spin-offs not included) by attacking them. But instead of hitting them from below, you have to knock a Koopa Troopa into its shell, and use it as a weapon so you can attack them. Since it’s on a 3D system and/or is a 3D game, enemies will appear in the foreground or the background, so you have to change direction so you can beat them. Also in every stage, there will be a new type of enemy that you will have to deal with too, making the game not get boring. Later stages will also have ice-physics, so you need to be careful and to make sure that you don’t get hit. And one final thing, like Mario Bros., there are bonus mini-games where you collect coins (and hopefully obtain a 1-Up) but from pipes this time round. This is fun and you can get a break too.
The controls are good, but to some they are a little weird. A is for attacking, B is for jumping, the left D-Pad is for moving about and the right D-Pad is for aiming with your shell. While some younger people may be used to the A and B system, gamers who bought this at the time would be used to doing it the other way round and would be confused. But it doesn’t matter if you’re playing it now really.
The graphics are also very impressive. The cutscenes make the game look beautiful (despite the red and black screens) and it looks well detailed and set out. The stages (like I briefly mentioned before) have different themes and all of them look good. Especially the 3D effects, as they stand out to other titles on this console in graphic-wise.
The music is alright. Nothing really stands out but nothing is boring too, so it’s pretty balanced with no strength or weakness. This is actually quite weird because that is what normally happens in a Mario game, yet this time around they went with a different approach, and that’s why it gets decent marks.
Mario Clash is a fun remake of an arcade platformer that is well worth £30.

+ A unique and different remake of Mario Bros.
+ Nice use of 3D
+ A whopping 99 levels
+ Graphics make the game look really nice
+ Controls are decent
– Music is not as good as other Mario titles

Mario Clash is fun, (quite) cheap and enjoyable. Worth £30? Yeah.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit (GBA) – 92%
“Mario Kart is back on the GBA and it’s one of the best racing games on the console.”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 90%
Price – 90%
Music – 95%

When the GameBoy Advance was released until it finally stopped selling, there was a bunch of racing games on this console. Need for Speed, F-Zero and even MotoGP made it to the GBA. One of the best of these racing games by far though was this classic right here – Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Like most games they have a couple of bad things, and so does this. It can be very hard on 150cc Special Cup to get 1st place with 3 stars, which offers a challenge for all. And then they are tracks from Super Mario Kart (The whole 20), back with redesigned theme songs for that certain track. And you can play as the normal 8 characters, with their Speed and Weight, knowing which are the best, and which are the worst. So once again Mario comes on top, for every single type of game. Essential.

+ Good graphics
+ Beautifully set out
+ All 20 Super Mario Kart Tracks make a comeback
+ 40 tracks overall
– Controls can be fiddly
– Can be frustrating

Mario Kart: Super Circuit is a great game that appeals to loads, and it will keep you going for a while.

Mario Kart Wii (WII) – 97%
“Mario Kart now turns into the best online game ever.”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 95%
Music – 95%

Probably the best online racing game in existence, get that in your head. Mario Kart Wii have loads to offer, characters, nintendo wfc, battles, multiplayer, it’s very own channel and loads, loads more. No one will forget this game, but then look at all the characters. Look at Rosalina with her little cute Luma, then imagine Funky Kong or Dry Bowser driving a car, very imaginitive too. More racers make it harder to get past, and more cups to explore. Time Attack isn’t just normal either, you unlock some characters by beating the ghosts, which makes it more surprising. Buy it for a good life.

+ Mario Kart returns
+ Nintendo WFC
+ It has its own channel
+ More characters
+ Hours of Fun
+ Wii Wheel works well

Mario Kart Wii is a great game for all the family and you will enjoy it every day of the week.

Mario Party 9 (WII) – 90%
“Mario’s next party is one of the best”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 80%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 85%
Music – 90%

Mario Party 8 was the first game on the Wii, while it was fun and exciting to play, didn’t have the most interesting controls as you only played the game with the Wii Remote horizontally (sideways) for the entire game and it felt like a standard GameCube game. On the other hand, Mario Party 9 is much more unique and improves the prequel in every game. First the controls have momentally improved. You play the game with your Wii Remote facing vertically, and sideways mostly for your minigames, which have also improved alot. There is now a new way to play: For starters, all 4 people move at the same time, but anything, including minigames only happens to the captain mainly (the player who is rolling the dice for that turn). For example, in 1 vs 3 minigames, it would be the Captain against the other 3 players or opponents. Another new formula to this game is that they are no more Stars or Coins, there are Mini Stars, which you collect on your merry way as you now get from one side to the other in about 1 hour. As well as that, they are 2 boss battles on the map: A mini boss and a map boss. This happens to everyone, however the Captain gets a bonus at the end of the boss fight. They are also Captain Events, where it’s also like a minigame where you earn Mini Stars depending on what number you roll the die, sometimes you can obtain Mini Ztars, where you get Mini Stars taken off you! The final difference is the minigames now have more of a ‘Mario’ feeling to you. For example, they is now a minigame called ‘Skyjinks’ where you get from one side to the other without falling off more than 3 times. This is great because it feels like a proper, platforming adventure of a World 7 level (probably World 7-1) and looks as well as feels amazing. Not only that, but there is a shop where you can many items, including a 7th board, Donkey Kong Jungle Ruins. The only quibbles are that Bowser and Bowser Jr aren’t available to unlock as characters, and the game isn’t the longest in the world, but hey it’s still pretty good. There are also no online to the game, or online boards even (where you can compete in who gets the most Mini Stars on a board). Mario Party 9 improves the predecessor by loads, but still doesn’t top Mario Party 2.

+ Unique Wii Controls
+ A fresh, new feel
+ A new way to play
+ Improved minigames, 78 in total
+ Much better then before
– No Bowser and Bowser Jr to play as?!

Mario Party 9 is a nice little game to play and it will keep you going for a day or so. Just don’t expect it to be a deep adventure, however.

Mario&Sonic At The 2012 Olympic Games (3DS) – 93%
“Better then the Wii, but only just.”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 90%
Gameplay – 90%
Price – 90%
Music – 95%

You’d think the best game of the M&S series was Mario&Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games for the DS was the best.
You’d think the longest game was the first Mario&Sonic At The Olympic Games for the Wii.
You’d think the weirdest game was the new recent Mario&Sonic At The 2012 Olympic Games for the Nintendo Wii also.
But in reality, the best, longest and weirdest game in my opinion goes to Mario&Sonic At The 2012 Olympic Games – for the 3DS.
The story mode is lengthy, and you’ll be amazed at how easy the storyline is. However aftergame it’s not all easy. I struggled on the first aftergame episode for a very long time against Yoshi, as his ‘Trampoling’ score felt almost impossible to defeat. Not only that, but the (mini)games are very addictive. Yes, they last for a short period of time, and they do feel like minigames, especially the Football games etc. as well as the 2 water bottle minigames. Some of the most unique challenging events come from the ‘Multi-Discipline’ section. Triathlon as the name implies, tests you against 3 other opponents on 3 different kinds of platforms: Swimming, Cycling and Running while the Modern Pentathlon is a series of 5 minigames (Equestrian, Shooting, Swimming, Running and Fencing), each with 7 levels, obviously getting harder every time. It’s very addictive to get the highest possible score online, yet that can take forever if you struggle on the event/s. Out of the 53 events, the game gives a taste of every single control available: Touching, Blowing, Tilting etc. leaving no weaker or stronger event. Despite this being one of the best games I have ever played on the 3DS next to Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, Mario&Sonic At The 2012 Olympic Games is a must buy for Mario fans, Sonic fans, Die-hard fans, Families and many more. Unfortanutely the Wii version was a great multiplayer success, so the sequel only just comes out on top of the Wii edition. Excellent.
+ Single player is great
+ Story mode is refreshing
+ Modern Pentathlon is addictive
+ 20 playable characters, 10 from either side
+ Great use of 3D effect and graphics
– Could of easily changed the event rules etc.

With the best graphical Mario&Sonic game yet the weirdest…Mario&Sonic At The 2012 Olympic Games is an amazing sequel to the Wii’s multiplayer mayhem!

Mario Sports Mix (WII) – 94%
“Mario in 4 sports in once. But the question is does it work?”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 90%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 95%
Music – 95%

Very nice, but there is something missing about it. Very easy in the tournaments, and the single player is quite boring. But when it comes to multiplayer and online play, it becomes a whole lot better. Having fun with your mates/family, or against people against the world, makes you test your skills and is a whole lot fun. It looks like a very enjoyable game and features the aload of great characters to play as, but they need more. Like Rosalina, Donkey Kong Jr, Goomba and the babies (unless they’re unlockable) etc. The arenas look very well presented too, like for beginners we have Mario Stadium, and Bowser’s Castle for the advanced. I haven’t got this yet, however I’m getting it soon, and I can’t wait.

+ All four sports work well
+ Good controls
+ Very well multiplayers and online gameplay
+ Square – Enix Characters are back…
– … But need some more Mario characters
– Single Player is repetitive

Thanks to multiplayer and online, Mario Sports Mix became a great game. Single player is a little on the bad side, but nevertheless it’s worth a go.

Mario Tennis Open (3DS) – 99%
“Mario serves up yet again another ace”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 100%
Music – 100%

It’s now been nearly 7 years since the last Mario Tennis game (the NPC version of Mario Power Tennis and VC version of Mario Tennis 64 not included), with the last one being Mario Tennis: Power Tour on the Game Boy Advance being released late 2005. It’s about time for another Mario Tennis to come out, and so it (happily) comes out on the 3DS. Believe it or not, this is actually the 6th Mario Tennis game to be existed, however it’s not featuring special attacks for your characters this time round. This means Mario Tennis Open is bad, right? Wrong.
This game is absolutely amazing. First we’ll start with the controls. There are 3 ways you can use to control your character: Tilting, Touching or Pressing. The tilting featuring is interesting to say the least, even if it feels a little weird. Unfortunately there is no 3D using this method, and it’s probably a downside of the game. Anyway, your character moves on their own to the correct space, and you have to aim with the screen to where you want to hit the ball, but lift your thumb off the Circle Pad and your player will automatically move into the correct position to return the ball. The game pretty much starts playing itself. Next are the useful touchscreen controls. As you play, areas of the court will glow a certain colour. For example if a blue circle appears on your baseline, you would move into this circle and once the ball comes to you, tap the ‘Slice Shot’ square to return a powerful Chance Shot. This is basically the same with the final method, the tapping face buttons, but you would have to press a certain button to return the ball.
Next up in this review will be the Tourney mode. You start off as the Mushroom Cup, and you’ll progress to the next cup if you win the tournament. As first it will be really easy, but after you’ve completed the Champions Cup you’ll think the 1 player mode is over. Wrong. As well as the items and minigames (which I will discuss later), you will actually unlock 4 more tournaments and these are much harder than the previous cups. You have to play as these characters in their upgraded Star form, for proof that they’ve beaten all the normal cups. This will take you hours on end to beat with every character and it makes the game very good even if you don’t have the ability to access multiplayer.
Mario Tennis Open offers 17 characters to play as, 13 starting off, with the other 4 having to unlock. These 17 characters are split into 6 categories: All-Around, Power, Defense, Speed, Technique and Tricky; a character goes into one of these type classes according to their stats. Mario and Luigi are All Arounders, while Yoshi and Diddy Kong are fast, speedy characters.
2 of the new characters choices seem a little odd, which are Dry Bowser and Luma. Baby Peach does seem sensible, but she could of been replaced with Baby Luigi, though. Dry Bowser does seem really cool to play as, but Dry Bones would make more sense to play as. It doesn’t feel right to play as a Luma and she could of been replaced with Toad, yet it does seem exciting. All of these characters are unlocked by completing the 3rd level of all of the minigames, which I will go onto now.
The first minigame I will mention is Galaxy Rally, where you have to make a rally (hence the name) with Luma on the Galaxy Arena court. It’s not to easy however, as there will be holes in the ground, making it hard to know where to hit your ball and what type of shot you will use. It’s not too frustrating and instead fun at the same time, making this a really good minigame to play. The music is absolutely amazing (it has alot of Gusty Garden Galaxy’s theme) and so it’s MY favorite game of them all.
The next one is Ring Shot, where you have to try to hit the rings provided with your bat and ball, and each of them give you different points (smaller give you more). It plays similar to the minigame in Mario Tennis: Power Tour, but this time you can play with up to 4 players making the activity much more exciting.
Thirdly is Ink Showdown, which is probably my least favorite of the bunch. What you have to do is play tennis but without letting your opponent returning the ball 30 times. You have Black Piranha Plants that throw either tennis balls or ink balls. Hit them and you’ll have a chance of completing the minigame. Miss them however, and you either get ink splattered on your 3DS screen or you lose a tennis ball. While some may say it’s getting tiring now of having ink splattered on our 3DS screens, others may not mind.
The last minigame (and everyones favorite) is Super Mario Tennis. What happens is that there is a big screen, scrolling a level from Super Mario Bros. What you have to do is hit the ball onto the screen to earn coins or attack enemies. This is a joy to play and it definitely brings back memories from when you played the game for the first ever time, jigging along to the music and playing the first world of Super Mario Bros.
There are quite a big number of courts to play on and quite alot of them are very creative, especially the Mushroom Valley based one, which makes ball bounce alot higher and they move alot slower, while the DK Jungle arena’s floor is made entirely out of wood and has even speed with even bounce.
You can also customize your Mii’s stats, what they look like, what racquet+wristbands they have, their shoes, their classification etc. This is a really nice feature that you can finally have the chance to play in the style YOU want and the stats you like (reminds me of Mario Kart 7), and to compare with players online along with the StreetPass network function. It also will take you along time to get all of these parts so if you don’t have the internet, again you can still have some great fun.
If you have the Nintendo Network on your 3DS, the online feature is probably going to be your favorite, as you face opponents with roughly similar confidence and skill to you, beat them, rack up points and to try to become the top of the leaderboard. Sure it may be a little laggy, but nevertheless it’s essential to 100% complete the game.
Finally, the graphics look just like Mario Power Tennis on the Wii and Gamecube. It looks amazing, has an amazing 60 FPS in 2D AND 3D, and is overall packed with charm.
Mario Tennis Open is a fantastic game that is recommended to everyone.

+ Packed with Mario Charm
+ Very nice character design mode
+ Single player is really fun…
+ …Yet so is Multiplayer
+ Fun minigames
– A few weak elements

Mario Tennis Open is amazing. The graphics. The gameplay. Everything. A must for Mario/Tennis fans.

Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun! (DSI) – 89%
“Children’s favorite piggy comes back for more…”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 75%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 95%
Music – 85%

Yes. It’s Peppa Pig. Yes. It’s that pig for little kids. And Yes. It’s really easy for gamers over the age of 7. But there is something that makes this game quite enjoyable. And it’s the fact is if you’re a younger game and/or a Peppa Pig fan, you’ll really enjoy this game. First of all, while 18 minigames may seem that the game is tiny, you only start off with 1 of these, and once you clear that minigame the next one comes along and you have to complete that minigame to unlock the one after that, and so on. You’ll find that when you complete a minigame you’ll earn tokens, and when 17 minigames are completed you’ll unlock the Shop, where you can buy 2 more puzzles for the ‘Mind The Map’ game, some extra music for another minigame, and 1 last minigame, the Slot Cars racing game. These minigames can be really fun for your young ‘uns and will probably take people of the age of 3 to 6 around 3-4 hours, and others about 1 hour. So while it isn’t the longest game then, it’s still pretty fun to play as long as you’re not over the age of 7 or 8.

+ Peppa Pig returns yet again for little kids
+ Impressive graphics
+ Minigames are fun
+ A quite nice aftergame
– It’s quite short
– Doesn’t appeal to everyone

A nice little game that will keep younger gamers a while to complete. It won’t please older gamers, though.

Plants Vs Zombies (DSI) – 91%
“PopCap’s addictive TDG finally arrives on DSI and it’s about time, too.”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 90%
Price – 85%
Music – 90%

It’s taken ages for Plants Vs Zombies to release on the Nintendo DS/DSI. It’s even sneaked up on Apple products (and it’s considered to be the joint best version of the game along with Plants Vs Zombies: Game Of The Year Edition on PC), for example. Finally time then, and after several months of careful development as well as adding and getting rid off mini-games, achievements etc., you would want to wonder: Is this version of Plants Vs Zombies better than any other version? No, but it’s not the worst either (that’s probably one of the Sony console editions).
Plants Vs Zombies for DS and DSI has the adventure mode along with the Tree Of Wisdom, mini-games, survival mode, puzzle mode, VS mode, Crazy Dave’s Tiddlywinks, Zen Garden, Zombitar, the sunflower trophies as well as achievements, the almanac, the help section, the hint section, the file selection (it says WELCOME _____ and TAP HERE TO CHANGE SAVE BLOCK not WELCOME BACK _____! and IF THIS IS NOT YOU, CLICK HERE – it looks different too when you click it, including a star highlighting your profile and you only have 2 files to choose from this time) and options. So it’s basically the normal PC version scaled down to size with less yet new mini-games as well as more achievements (21 mini-games and 14 achievements).
Despite this, Plants Vs Zombies still is a downgrade from other versions. The framerate is poor, the sound effects feel choppy (yet scarier) and the plants and zombies look cramped up due to the screen space.
Plants Vs Zombies for DSIWARE has the adventure mode, mini-games, Crazy Dave’s Tiddlywinks, the sunflower trophies as well as achievements, the almanac, the help section, the hint section, the file selection and options.
The use of the top screen is disappointing, too. In the menus, it’s just half of the picture on the total of the 2 screens. In the stages, it is just used for a number of normal zombies (some with tongues out, some with rakes on their head, some with both, some just plain) just walking from one side to the other as well as the ‘Level Progress Bar.’
The final bad thing about the game is that the price the game of is more expensive than any other title – a total of £19.99. You can easily buy Plants Vs Zombies: Game Of The Year Edition on PC for £5.99, the Apple Edition for £2.99 and the Xbox 360 Edition for £10.20 (1200 Microsoft Points/MP).
The controls of the game are really good though, as you use the stylus and touch screen to drag your plants/shovel onto the bottom screen then watch them destroy the living brains out of the undead.
The game is also as addictive as ever and since this edition has the most modes available in a Plants Vs Zombies game, it will take around 100 hours to fully complete the game and remember you’ve got multiplayer in there, too.
As a result, Plants Vs Zombies: Dual Screen Edition is a really good port, if you get past the dodgy framerate and the bad use of the screens (except the controls).

+ A great port
+ It’s very addictive
+ Takes a long time to complete
+ Good controls…
– …But bad use of the screens overall
– Disappointing framerate

Plants Vs Zombies: Dual Screen Edition is a very good port of the PC editions. It’s not without its flaws, however.

Pokemon Black and White (DSI) – 99%
“Pokemon returns to our DSI’s to give us possibly the greatest RPG of 2011.”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 100%

A very, very good game when it comes to both single player and multiplayer. The graphics have improved alot from Diamond and Pearl and the animations look astounding. Sadly it doesn’t take long to get to the Elite 4 but aftergame is when the fun kicks in. My first ever Pokemon team in 5th gen (which I have never deleted and still have now) is Serperior, Musharna, Zebstrika, Unfezant, Krookodile and Haxourus and that was planned since June 2010, actually.
The Game Corner and the Safari Zone didn’t make it to these new games however they changed the Battle Frontier to the Battle Subway which I say is something good. Basically, it’s a huge Battle Tower with a Shop and trains in it. Like the Battle Tower, you can do a Singles, Doubles, Triples, Rotation (the previous 2 would obviously be included in a new Battle Tower), WiFi and Mixed. Mixed is where you have someone else (let it be a friend near you or a CPU) to help you and it works just like a double battle. Unfortunately there is no special conditions (unlike the Battle Frontier) though.

Next we will talk about the have new moves in Pokemon Black and White. They learn all brand new moves, and to watch them in a brand new way. For example, you see Tackle as a dead powerful move, and it actually takes alot of damage and hits more than it used to be. This is because the power is increased to 50 instead of 35, and the accuracy has changed for 95 to 100! They are also really weird combinations, such as Bug/Fire, and I also think Fighting/Dragon are combinations of a Pokemon too. But this will have loads of good, powerful team members.

The music also sounds different, but a bit like Heart Gold and Soul Silver though. Hiun City is a massive city to explore, with loads of shops, loads of pWith a total of 649 Pokemon, new animations, huge aftergame and new TM’s (which are now reusable), what more do you want? Buy it now!

+ Improved graphics
+ Over 150 new Pokemon
+ New animations
+ More PC Boxes
+ Huge aftergame
– A few forgotten things

This deserves ‘Game of the Year’ because of the massive improvements, but wait until Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 come out…

Pokemon Black and White (JAP) – —%
“Pokemon Black and White arrives in Japan. And it looks amazing.”
Graphics – —%
Length – —%
Gameplay – —%
Price – —%
Music – —%

The latest Pokemon game yet is being reviewed! Since the UK version hasn’t came out, I am going to review the Japanese version, with only a couple of +’s and -‘s I have gathered, with no percentage yet. So I might actually change the +’s and the -‘s, but for now here it is!

First of all, we have the 2 main legendaries, Zekrom (Electric/Dragon) and Reshiram (Fire/Dragon) then the officical UK names for the 3 starter Pokemon: Snivy (Tsutarja) is a grass snake Pokemon, Tepig (Pokabu) is a fire pig Pokemon and Oshawott (Mijumaru) is a water otter type Pokemon. All are great starters and learn some brand new moves that have never been heard before!

Second, we have the moves and types. They learn all brand new moves, and to watch them in a brand new way. For example, you see Tackle as a dead powerful move, and it actually takes alot of damage and hits more than it used to be. This is because the power is increased to 50 instead of 35, and the accuracy has changed for 95 to 100! They are also really weird combinations, such as Bug/Fire, and I also think Fighting/Dragon are combinations of a Pokemon too. But this will have loads of good, powerful team members. But then it gets better.

Finally, we have the Gyms and Hiun City. The gyms are completely redesigned with unimaginitive parts, rollercoasters rides and much, much more. The music also sounds different, but a bit like Heart Gold and Soul Silver though. Hiun City is a massive city to explore, with loads of shops, loads of people – in 3D! This will contain you as a much older kid, like a teenager. I also think the bad guys will be roaming there, so it will take you at least half an hour to complete everything there is to do in that city – for now!

+ Hiun City is in 3D
+ Tackle increases power
+ Loads to explore and do
+ New Moves
+ An amazing 156 new Pokemon
– Nope, we can’t thing of any… yet

Pokemon Black and White is a great game and even cities and building look different, depending which game you choose. The best Pokemon game yet.

Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver (DSI) – 96%
“Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver is looking as epic as ever and makes an essential purchase.
Graphics – 90%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 95%
Music – 95%

What a good thing, Game Freak have made the Johto and Kanto region more useful for better Pokemon, awesome. However we do have the capture rate of catching a legendary is very low, and some Pokemon even like a Pidgey are hard to catch. Also they are some strange things, e.g. finding a Level 6 or 7 Furret on Route 1. Finding Gastly’s and not Bellsprout’s in the Sprout Tower. Loads of Pokemon are available only in the Safari Zone. The Battle Frontier is just like Platinum too, which can be a bit dull, but they are different Pokemon to fight!

+ Beautiful remake of Gold and Silver
+ More Pokemon avaliable
+ Epic storyline
+ It’s 100+ hours long
+ One of the best Pokemon games yet
– Battle Frontier is the same

Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver is an awesome game and deserves it’s place near the top. A must buy Gold award.

Punch Out!! (WII) – 94%
“The 4th time Little Mac wins the Bouts”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 95%
Music – 85%

Punch Out!! for the Wii. Ok. While there is not the best of music in the background (but it’s still pretty good) and no online, Punch Out!! is a nice game for anyone – newcomers, n00bs, pros, it’s all good. So for newcomers the, Punch Out!! puts you in the shoes of Little Mac, a rookie who has high experience for the ‘World Video Game Boxing Association Championship’ however has had 200 previous trainers turn away from him. Not until his 201st trainer, Doctor Louis (or Doc Louis for short) who loves chocolate and teaches Mac about many techniques that Punch Out!! has to offer: Blocking, Punching, Dodging, Star Punching, gaining energy/health and gaining this in matches once, at the end of a round when the interval is. At first glance you’d think the game was a joke as the 13 opponents in the game would take no longer then 1 hour for Punch Out!! die hards, while it would take about 3 hours for newcomers. But after that there is a Title Bout defense where Little Mac has to beat everyone again who are trying to taking the Title Bout off him, and they are FAR more difficult. For example, Glass Joe’s jaw can no longer get hit because of his new headgear – that’s if you don’t have a Star Punch, that is. And King Hippo now has a manhole where his weak stomach was, but still can be ripped off him in less then 30 seconds if you know what to do. Also, Bald Bull, like in the Punch Out!! for the NES for 2nd time round, can only be defeated by either a Star Punch final hit or obviously his Bull Charge stomach weakness. While this exceeds the amount of playtime, it’s still only gonna be around only 3 hours for experts, and a massive 10 hours for newcomers. So what exceeds that even more? Well there’s an exhibition mode where you can fight any boxer in the game (Contender and Title Defense modes) and there are 3 challenges on everyone. And this exceeds the length of the game alot more. In total there are 104 ways to kill opponents in the game (78 challenges, 26 normal), as well as taking about 7 hours or so for experts to complete this and everyone else even longer (about 15 hours for newcomers, by the way). Also there is a multiplayer featuring Little Mac against one another and if the blue bar is high enough for a fighter, they can turn into Giga Mac for a short period of time (until the meter runs out, thats about 30 seconds) – I wonder if both fighters can be Giga Mac at the same time? Play on to find out…

+ Punch Out!! finally returns
+ Doc Louis is hilarious
+ A nice, long game
+ Easy for n00bs, hard for pros
+ Over 75 challenges!
– Loading…

Punch Out!! for the Wii is a nice, great experience that anyone can play. Boxing fans (that don’t take it too seriously), this is for you.

Sonic Drift Racing (SGG) – 96%
“It took them 4 years to release their first racing game outside of Japan…”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 100%
Music – 95%

Well. Well. Well. Sonic Drift Racing was the 1st Sonic Racing ever created and it was released for the Sega Game Gear. And what a game it was. 7 characters were playable in this spin-off, which were Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Dr Robotnik, Fang and Metal Sonic, along with 19 very fun themed tracks and 3 cups to race on, each one coming from a different background, such as Emerald Hill or Dr Robotniks level. First let’s talk about the graphics. For an 8-bit console, the graphics in this game were VERY impressive actually and while the space sections were a little on the weak side, there were still pretty decent. The music, while isn’t the most memorable in the world, was fun to listen to while you are racing around the tracks. There was some little detours you could activate, making the race even more exciting, and in the top right it told you who was in 1st place (or 2nd, if you were in 1st) as well as how fast you are going in percentage. Power-ups + specials were in there too, so it could match the standards of Super Mario Kart, and it did. Sonic Drift Racing was a marmite game – you loved it or you hated it, and it was due to the main cause of this game – drifting. Gamers that found it tricky to pull off would of not liked it at all, however others that though it was easy to do thought it was a really enjoyable game. And it was.

+ First Sonic racing game to be released outside of Japan
+ Interesting character roster
+ Some cracking tracks
+ Only £10.99
+ Power-ups + specials were evenly balanced
– Drifting might be frustrating

A racing game that pushed the Game Gear to the limits in terms of graphics, gameplay and music, and we hope it makes a 3DS Virtual Console release.

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (3DS) – 85%
“Short but sweet. Well not really…”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 50%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 75%
Music – 100%

This game is very underrated. Judging the length of the game and the price, people mistaken Spirit Camera. The price isn’t THAT scary, even if it should be decreased to a 3DSWare purchase.
Anyway review time then, and we’ve got such an excellent game here. If you have played any of the Fatal Frame games, then much of Spirit Camera’s narrative will be familiar to you. Once again, the setting is in a house and you’re helping a young adult woman (Maya, this time) put an end to a curse. In Spirit Camera, Maya is trapped in this house by a mysterious aged white-haired woman who has not only trapped other victims but has also ripped their faces off (though oddly enough, not Maya’s face). With the 3DS camera acting as the camera obscura, the handheld itself becomes the main weapon in breaking the curse.
Aside from Maya’s guidance, your only other aid (apart from the instruction booklet) is an actual 16-page diary that contains clues and secrets about the house and its tormented occupants. If you haven’t guessed it already, it’s this diary that acts as the augmented reality platform for Spirit Camera. This is the reason why it would be hard to put this onto Nintendo eShop to sell as a 3DSWare purchase.
The one thing that stands out possibly even BETTER than the superb AR software is the music and audio. If you have headphones turned all the way up, play the game PROPERLY and you’re in a dark(ish) room, then Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is the best horror game, along with Resident Evil: Revelations, on the Nintendo 3DS because of these reasons and the graphics or ‘picture’, as you would call it here.
Unfortunately, it’s not without it’s flaws. Great gameplay mechanics, creepy audio and the reality screen aside, this game is a little disappointing. Maya can talk sometimes halfway through an unfinished sentence and not talking from the start of it. It seems random and is a definite downfall to the game.
It’s not just that, though. Even with the fun AR minigames and extra content, Spirit Camera is criminally short. It takes around three (3) hours to take through the WHOLE GAME. It’s a major problem that should be sorted with a nice update, providing at least another couple of hours of game to make this game fully essential.

+ A unique idea…
+ Creepy yet brilliant screens
+ Great use of AR
+ It’s really got tension in it
– Cutscenes aren’t phenomenal
– It’s too short

If you like AR, creepy thrills, and a game that really adds tension to it, then Spirit Camera is the game for you.

Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars (N64) – 94%
“StarFox returns once again.”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 80%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 95%

It’s one of the StarFox games you really want, and it’s absolutely enjoyable from start to finish. Sure StarFox fans can finish the game in less than 30 minutes on Expert mode without even dying, but it doesn’t matter though as newcomers will take alot longer to complete the game. An example of this is the first boss Granga because experts of the game can actually beat him in around 10 seconds (you can only battle him if you go down the Easy Route) but the newbies will find this more difficult and will find it interesting to search for his weak spot. Another example is when the player is on Mission 3 (Enter StarWolf), it’s really hard to kill Wolf O’Donnell as well as to take care of the bomb. Another reason why newcomers will take ages to complete this game is because you only have 4 lives, making it hard to get back where you are if you get Game Over, but players can still get 1-Ups to prevent this. But remember, Star Fox 64 3D is available for the 3DS and it’s exactly the same, but it’s in 3D (hence the name of the game and the console), looks better and you can save in it.

+ Excellent gameplay
+ Easy to pick up and use
+ Great for StarFox fans
+ It’s got difficulty modes
+ It’s really fun
– No save mode?

Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars is truly amazing. The commentary is funny, the controls are genius and the game is fun from start to finish.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (3DS) – 95%
“The best version of Street Fighter IV ever.”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music 90%

Street Fighter has been the No.1 fighting game since it’s original franchise in 1987. Almost 25 years (and 3 main games counting) later, Street Fighter IV comes to the Xbox 360 (and assuming for the PS3, too) with a new roster of character, stages and even moves and it was spectacular. Time went on and a couple of years later, it’s better remake/sequel was created for the same consoles, named Super Street Fighter IV. Unfortunately as you can clearly see, Capcom skipped the Wii versions twice in a row, but it DID make up for it when the developers created the Anime vs Video Game: Tasunoko vs Capcom. It was very underrated yet so great that it got onto the top 10 video games of the year by some. In 2011, Capcom finally finished developing Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS. The question is: Was it worth the wait? We can safely say YES.
(*This review will be continued shortly*)

Superman 64 (N64) – 55%
“The glitchiest video game ever made also spawns the worst N64 game of all time.”
Graphics – 75%
Length – 65%
Gameplay – 10%
Price – 50%
Music – 75%

Although the game is awful itself, I happen to really like this game. This game is REALLY badly put together with ALOT of glitches. For example the first stage already has 2 broken glitches, so you know you’re in for a wild ride. When you advance through the game, each stage you will encounter will have even MORE glitches than the previous stage had. It’s ridiculous, but that’s why I like this game because it’s so bad yet it’s so good (in my opinion).
Now onto what the stages are about. There are a total of 7 ring stages and 7 action stages, making the total up to an unimpressive 14 stages, but while they are probably worse than the stage before, they’re also longer and sometimes it may take you at least half an hour to complete just one stage, which is why the length gets an okay score of 65%. The ring stages you’ll have hell with as they’re so fiddly in both control wise and placement wise which makes them really annoying. The action stages however, are a little more fun yet they are even more broken than they’re counterpart ring stages.
The 3 soundtracks in the game are pretty tense and fun to play along with, even if they are a bit repetitive in the long run. The best one is the “Introduction to Story” as it’s tensive straight away and it’s fun to listen to.
As a result, Superman 64 is a game that’s fiddly, broken and dreadful to play through but it is a game that some will like.

+ The music is good…at least
+ It’s a decent enough length
– Fiddly controls
– Massively broken
– Badly put together
– Too many glitches

Superman 64 is just awful. Just awful. Which is one big reason why I like this game.

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) – 100%
“What do you get if you cross New Super Mario Bros. with Super Mario 64? This amazing 3D platformer.”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 100%

A truly essential Mario platformer. Crossed with New Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario 64, you know the concept is already clever and it works really well.
Happily the raccoon and tanooki suit has arrived back from SMB3, and is the main item of this entire game. There’s also a new item: The Invincible Leaf. It’s an upgraded star meaning you are invincible for the whole level.
Rewards for deaths: If you die 3 times in one level at the start of the level you will obtain a Random Box Power-Up, 5 times for the Invincible Leaf, and if you die 10 times the game decides you’re rubbish and gives you a P-Wing, making you fly to the flagpole of the level quickly completing it. It’s quite funny actually, and newcomers will like it alot.
Also the 8 worlds are EASY (I’m not gonna lie), and Mario gamers will blast through it. It’s no bad thing though, because when the Special Thanks on the credits appears, it all changes. Remember on New Super Mario Bros. Wii there was 1 extra world by collecting all the star coins for each world for one level? Well Super Mario 3D Land has 8 new worlds (don’t know yet if it’s excluding or including Star Coins), filled with Cosmic Mario races etc. and is 10x harder. The game will last around 12 hours for expert Mario fans, 15 hours for seasoned Mario fans and 20 hours at least for newcomers etc.
Last but not least the 3D effects are very impressive indeed. For example if you go into a bonus area with a star coins floating around some blocks, it may look easy in 2D but it actually tricks you to thinking where the block is so 3D helps you alot here, as the block stands out. This is a great example to show of the 3DS.

+ Shows the 3DS what it does
+ Takes 12-30 hours of 100% completion
+ Star Coins are found in very clever places
+ Amazing storyline
+ Over 100 levels, 16 worlds
+ Music is amazing

It’s Mario. On the Nintendo 3DS. In a sensational 3D platformer. Best game on the Nintendo 3DS.

Super Mario Bros. (NES) – 94%
“Classic Mario action in his first proper adventure.”
Graphics – 85%
Length – 85%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 100%

Remember that Mario Bros. game, and Jump Man (Donkey Kong)? Well buy this game to carry on your Mario timeline, and explore 32 brand new levels that you will find, with loads of exciting power – ups too see. Mario is obviously the star of the show and will overcome new enemies, such as Goomba’s, Koopas + Paratroopas, Spinys, Piranha Plants, Bullet Bills and lots, lots more. This is a great platformer which will transport you back in time to the mid 80’s, a real classic and pretty cheap for a price of £3.50.

+ Loads of power ups and enemies
+ Great gameplay
+ Only 40kb altogether
+ Classic music
+ Killing Bowser brings back memories
+ Controls are easy to learn

A fantastic game to have and should be brought from the Wii Shop Channel and see what made Mario his day with 4 other great games. It’s a choice you’ll never regret.

Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) – 92%
“Doki Doki Panic redesigned. But is it still a classic?”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 75%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 95%
Music – 100%

The first Super Mario Bros. came out great, so why not have another one? Super Mario Bros 2. in Japan was very hard for other country releases, so they decided to release another Super Mario Bros. 2 based on the Japanese video game Doki Doki Panic, replacing Mario characters and the like. Super Mario Bros. 2 as we know it today is called Super Mario USA in Japan, and Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan is renamed: Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels over here. Anyways, this time you can play as 4 characters, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool (AKA Peach) and Toad. Here are the stats for each character:
Mario: Power-4 Speed-4 Jump-4
Luigi: Power-3 Speed-3 Jump-5
Toad: Power-5 Speed-5 Jump-2
Peach: Power-2 Speed-2 Jump-3
Looking at the stats, Toad is very fast and powerful, Peach can fly but is a challenge, Luigi can jump high and Mario is a great all-arounder, so you can pick a character that suits your style! The game has been redesigned so they are some expectations, new enemies, and completely different backgrounds. Finally the music is really different yet very classic. The enemies are also unique, featuring the first appearance of Shy Guys and Birdos to the bizarre King Wart.

+ Classic music shining everywhere
+ Play as 4 different characters
+ New yet funny enemies
+ Lift up unique items such as vegetables
+ Has been completely redesigned
– It’s a little on the short side

Super Mario Bros. 2. Some consider it the black sheep. 7 worlds, 3 levels in each, and some WEIRD enemies.

Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels (NES) – 94%
“The official remake of the fantastic Super Mario Bros., but harder.”
Graphics – 85%
Length – 85%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 100%

The hidden Japanese game in 1986. And it’s better than the USA version. With so many levels by completing the game 3 times with no warps, it will continue to World A, World B etc. This means you will have to go through probably the hardest level ever, World 2 – 2, because of one little jump has a high chance of missing. If it means no Game Over’s either, it means you have to be a master at this game, very frustrating? Some will say.
However, all the levels are well done, good use of items, enemies, and a sneaky baddie to watch out for, the Poison mushroom. It might not be easy for 3 year olds, but if they get really far and even complete every level possible (including the Letter worlds) then there you go, it’s possible for everyone. It’s also cheap for just under a fiver (600 wii points)

+ A hidden Japan version
+ Levels are amazing
+ More levels than any other Mario game ever made
+ Tests your gaming to the top
+ Sneaky things to explore
– It’s inconveniently difficult

Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels is a great game to spend your Wii Points and is yet another great platformer.

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) – 98%
“Classic Mario, classic music, new items, best 2D Mario ever.”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 100%

This is the most popular game you will ever see that Nintendo have made. It didn’t make 100%, as younger gamers will find this terribly difficult yet no matter what is a must buy for anyone.

Super Mario Bros. 3 became a success, with loads of new power-ups, enemies and the introducton to the Koopa Kids. It’s a game you’ll love, especially on the final world, but mainly all the way through. At first it could of been Super Mario Bros. 1 as the most popular Nintendo game, however it didn’t due to the fact this game has loads of new levels and themes. Sadly, you can’t play as the Princess and Toad like it’s prequel but it doesn’t really matter.
A classic.

+ Well polished
+ Loads of new items
+ Many levels to complete
+ Lasts hours
+ Popularest Nintendo game ever
– A little hard for younger gamers

Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of the best games ever and ties with Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Buy it now.

Super Pokemon Rumble (3DS) – 94%
“The remake of a nice, different WiiWare game on the 3DS. Is it any better, or is it worse?”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 95%
Gameplay – 90%
Price – 90%
Music – 100%

It’s Pokemon Rumble 2! – On the 3DS. Sure it’s not the Wii, however the 3D effects do look pretty decent. In fact, it’s the only game you can get all the Pokemon without trading or events. Yes, all 649 of them. You don’t find all of them in the wild and this time round evolution takes place. A little like the online RPG game Monster Galaxy (which is very detailed, however quite slow), you need a certain amount of the same monster to evolve it. On Pokemon Rumble you need 7 of one Pokemon to evolve it. You may think it’s swapping, but we mean trading with other friends isn’t required to catch ’em all. There’s loads of new features in this game, including enjoyable racing (Pokemon Dash style), Team Battles (ideal for boss fights) and of course, StreetPass. This means the game is enjoyable and undemanding fun. On the other hand, it’s very shallow. It’s also quite repetitive, so in the first part of the game you won’t really seem anything different – just like the first one on WiiWare. It will need to make it on the Wii, but nevertheless, it looks great.

+ An easier chance to Catch ‘Em all!
+ Amazing new features
+ Team Battles are fun
+ 3D effects are great
– Needs to be on the Wii
– Very shallow and repetitive

It’s fun, it’s great, and you’ll love it. Unlike the first one, it’s a little disappointing but still awesome nevertheless.

Super Scribblenauts (DSI) – 94%
“More typing with Maxwell and yet again is amazing.”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 100%
Music – 85%

Most of you have heard that awesome game that took ages to complete, Scribblenauts correct? Well you have the best game for building stuff remade! You can make over 1500 things, and you can beat bosses just buy drawing! Nice! You will have funny moments and unexpected moments! There has already been a game though, so you might of thought: “This will be getting too old.” You thought wrong, the 220 levels are repolished, and are funnier than before. Sure the music could of been better, but apart from that it’s a wonder of magic.

+ Make over 1500 characters or objects
+ Funny bits
+ Think whatever you want
+ Awesome Graphics
+ 220 levels to play through
– Took ages to release

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword – 99%
Skyward Sword, Skyward Sword, Skyward Sword…”
Graphics – 100%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 95%

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A Zelda game that meets up with Pokemon Black And White, Super Mario Galaxy (Both) and the like. All Zelda games have never been bad, but somehow this overtakes what some people think is the best Zelda game and always will be, Ocarina Of Time. It was out on the 18th of November 2011, the same day when the excellent Super Mario 3D Land was released for the Nintendo 3DS. The Potions are here, Spirit Realms are too, and not forgetting the brand new Bamboozled mini game challenges. Wii Motion Plus works fantastic with this (we prefer the golden Wii Remote that comes with the Limited Edition pack), especially the moves for Link. His inventory concludes the basic Bug Net, the old favorite Bow and Arrow set, the Slingshot, the Beetle (which can be found early in the game and is also very useful when upgraded), the Mogma Mitts and off course, the Master Sword – The Skyward Sword… All the attacks are here, old and new bosses are here, and yes… Link is back.

+ Some of the best gameplay ever made
+ Controls work
+ Old and new weapons
+ Old and new characters
+ The Graphics look amazing
– It’s not everyone’s favorite

Link has done it once again. Skyward Sword is amazing, even if more people would say Wind Waker is better.

WarioWare: DIY (DSI) – 93%
“Making your WarioWare game, eh? Sound great. And it is.”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 90%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 95%
Music – 90%

Wario comes up to his 4th games, and hopefully will be the best yet… It contains over 90 minigames to play including making your own! There’s also Comic Creator and Music Creator, all from the SuperMakerMatic21. Yes it all comes from the little program that Dr Crygor used, showing you how to use it, Penny and Wario will guide you to become the best DIY creator ever! Completed them? Try some Assembly Dojo training with Young Cricket. Everything done? All games unlocked? Got over a 100 high score on all of the games? Unlocked all the achievements and everything else the game has to offer? They may be more updates so keep beating your high scores whilst you’re waiting…

+ WarioWare makes another appearance
+ Make your own games, records and comics
+ Easy controls
+ Long lasting fun
– Needs more micro-games and characters
– It could be a bit longer…

WarioWare: DIY is an awesome game and will make you want to play on it for hours. A legend.

WarioWare: DIY Showcase (WIIWARE) – 94%
“The sequel to WarioWare DIY is on the Wii…”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 85%
Gameplay – 100%
Price – 100%
Music – 95%

Just like WarioWare DIY, but a WiiWare edition. Well, they are different minigames, characters, music etc. and with the power of wireless features, so can swap minigames/microgames, music and comics to your DS, or with WarioWare: DIY (DS) to the Wii! The microgames are fun as always, and are highly addictive. The music also is better then the full DS game and that’s something, especially 18 Volts stage. If another game appears like this (however the make your own game, music and comic option and other characters, minigames etc.) with Smooth Moves for the Wii U, it will be one fantastic game.

+ WarioWare DIY’s amazing sequel
+ Over 70 microgames!
+ Worth 800 points (£5.60)
+ Classic music and gameplay
+ Transfer data to the DS!
– No game making here…

WarioWare DIY Showcase is a must buy for anyone who is waiting for another full Ware game. Shocking stuff.

WarioWare: Snapped! (DSIWARE) – 84%
“WarioWare on DSIWare. We all knew it was coming.”
Graphics – 90%
Length – 70%
Gameplay – 85%
Price – 80%
Music – 95%

We all know the WarioWare series probably are the funniest games ever existed. If you don’t know what it is, we’ll tell you right now. You play as one of the games characters, beat their series of microgames, defeat the boss, move onto the next character, play their series of microgames, defeat the boss, and move onto the next character after that. All of the WarioWare games are very good advertisements for buying that console, so Smooth Moves uses the Wii remote really well, whilst WarioWare: Touched! uses the DSI to the best of its abilities, making the games very accurate. So it sounds simple, so it’s a dead easy game right? Wrong. First of all the microgames last from 5 to 10 seconds, so you have very little time to figure out what to do and to complete it. Second of all if you mess up and fail one of the microgames you play, you lose a life. Lose all 4 lives and its game over, meaning you have to start that character all over again. WarioWare: Snapped! continues the fun, however this is probably the weak point in the series. Only by a little, mind. The microgames are still amusing, the camera at least tries to work, and the music is always amazing. Unfortunately, there are only 20 microgames this time round and even though it uses the DSI’s camera as much as it can, sometimes it just doesn’t work. For example if the room you are in at the current time is too light or too dark, the game won’t be able to recognize your face. While people can’t grumble at that for £3.50 and only being a DSIWare game, WarioWare: DIY Showcase for WiiWare was only £2.10 more and it featured over 70 microgames, the ability to transfer games over to the full DSI version WarioWare: DIY as well as the controls being absolutely spot on. This makes the game feel weak, short and perhaps the little bit frustrating. It’s still great fun however, and the microgames are decent enough. For WarioWare die-hards only.

+ A welcome addition to DSIWare
+ Packed with charm and joy
+ The music is absolutely amazing
+ It’s only 500 points (£3.50)
– Only 20 microgames
– The DSI camera ability just doesn’t work

WarioWare: Snapped! is really interesting and fun game, when it works. Just don’t expect it to be bigger than a demo, though.

Wheelspin – (WII) 71%
“Fast, furious and fun?”
Graphics – 70%
Length – 85%
Gameplay – 40%
Price – 75%
Music – 85%

When Wheelspin was first revealed, Bethesda announced that the game will have “Unpredictable race tracks at exhilarating speeds of up to 650kph” and “a frantically fast-paced game which pushes the Wii to its maximum capabilities.” Was it a success? Not really…

Even if the game has about every control scheme that the Wii has to offer (Remote/Wii Wheel, Nunchuk, Classic Controller and GameCube controller), runs at a smooth 60 frames per second (in single player) and offers multiplayer with 7 other friends – most of the time you’ll be frustrated.

No matter what though, the handling sucks ALOT. Unless the road is completely flat you’re going to struggle to maintain control of your car, considering each of the tracks have loop-the-loops, corkscrews and lots of sharp turns, you’ll pretty much screw gravity and fall to your death. Even if this does make a good challenge, it can be total madness. Also, say good bye to 60 fps in multiplayer, it’s not there anymore.

It’s still quite a nice touch on the controls, the music is pretty good and I guess it’s worth the price – if it’s under £15, that is. Wheelspin is one of those marmite games – you’ll love it or you’ll hate it.

+ Nice amount of control schemes
+ 60 fps in single player
+ Decent music
+ 8 player split screen
– Graphics are quite weak
– Handling is atrocious

Wheelspin is a nice little game if you’re fan of racing games, but only if you don’t mind the handling.

Zenonia (DSIWARE) – 95%
“A surprising RPG with 40 hours gameplay”
Graphics – 95%
Length – 100%
Gameplay – 95%
Price – 100%
Music – 85%

Journey (not Japanese, people) RPG fans will probably buckle this up right away. Basically you go around doing missions and side quests, killing enemies without emerging into some kind of “Battle Scene” like Pokemon, Final Fantasy etc. – Just attacking monsters in the open field. So it seems disappointing, right? Wrong. Zenonia is one of the best DSIWare games we’ve ever played. You are a young teenager boy named ‘Regret’ who has to do all these missions for different people, and can he argue why he should not do this, but you have to do the Main Quests (and Side Quests for 100%) to complete the main storyline. You can battle all different kinds of items, cast spells etc. You still have HP, you still have MP, and you still have different kinds of moves and specials you can use – all what an RPG game has. The graphics are quite impressive, even if most of it is on 1 screen only, and is probably the only downfall of the game. The size of the game is HUGE, despite the fact being a DSIWare title – Zenonia will get you playing for around 40 hours, and it’s only 800 DSI Points (£5.60) for the DSI Shop channel or £7.20 on the 3DS eShop channel. The music is pretty decent, but it doesn’t stand up there to the likes of Pokemon and Final Fantasy. That doesn’t really matter though, as Zenonia does a really good job and stands up to full priced DSI and 3DS titles and tells them: “Any game can be lengthy, WiiWare, DSIWare, and eShop titles are only 40MB, your storage is much more bigger.” An essential purchase for RPG fans.

+ It’s an epic RPG
+ For £5.60/£7.20, it’s good value
+ Fun side quests
+ 40 hours gameplay
+ Fast saving system
– Needs to use both screens

Zenonia is a great Role-Playing Game, and is up there with the DSI’s best titles. Amazing.


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