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Thanks For The Hits

Thanks for the hits guys! We are still in the progress of another blog. See you soon


Developing A New Blog?

Our site may be under the eye of hackers again, so I am discussing a possible new blog, made using

I’ll keep you updated as it goes along.


Recently WordPress had been hacked. Blogs were deleted, content was removed and unfortunately it happened to us too! Luckily it was only a few pages misplaced and some content removed, but I have most of that fixed now.  Enjoy!

Purdyw: I’m Takin’ Over

You thought I was gone? You don’t know nothing yet.

Recently I have noticed that Pokemonster2908 hasn’t been posting. Well, I just wanted to know that we are still here. I will be giving the site a brief reintroduction and redesign. So get ready for change, get ready for the new Gamesters!

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