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The reason is…

Hi guys,

Unfortanutely, I didn’t had the chance to post over the past 2 days. 😦 But the reasons are because I homework to do and last night, I went to a Halloween party, so my mum and me was organizing my costume. However today, I want to talk about 3 special things:

1. Like Mario, think he’s gay or cool? Well, I have a photo I used by Print Screen:

You, yes even YOU can create one, just go onto the link below and start making a scenery!

2. Pokemon… Now comes the Uber Trainer Card Creator avaliable, where you can make a Trainer Card, like this one I have made:

Remember, if you make a Pokemon card, doesn’t mean your name is actually what it is…

3. I’m back to school tomorrow, so unfortautely I will only be able to post once or twice a week -if I don’t have any homework but in a bit is a post that shouldn’t be mixed in, I’ll post it after tea, just before this Celebration…
Thanks for reading,

Pokemonster2908 🙂


To become a powerful site…

To become a very powerful site, even if it is not Moshi Monsters, we need teamwork. Tell your friends to come to this site, getting new post almost every day – even after school! At least 5 views a day won’t be bad, please comment, tell us how much stuff we need to update, because we’ve only just started (the site has been going since April)…

Please tell everyone you know, anything that is intresting will be updated, like Video Games, Board Games, TV – anything exciting for people to read! For example: If one of the comments was ‘Bakugan needs to be updated on news, and more bakugan e.g. traps’ and I will do a page, after I will be putting a poll up on who likes it and who doesn’t (don’t worry if you hate Bakugan, I was using it as an example, but may happen later on in the day) 😉

Thanks for reading,

Pokemonster2908 🙂

One week off…

Yay a week off so I get chance to post more 🙂 and get more people, tell your friends, people you hate, everyone you know to come here and, starting to post tomorrow…


Tonight I will be talking to Pokemonster2908 about a possible ‘bond’ between both our sites which will hopefully earn around 90-120 extra visitors

BIG news…

Unfortanutely, I have homework almost every day and I can NEVER get chance to post. 😦 is not doing too bad, because I do my new site first then this one, however when I do try to my a new post I have to come off for bed, I always do it at night. But happily thanks to purdyw who is TRYING to help us, I think it WILL get back on track. 🙂

I can also play the guitar, which I have lessons EVERY week to make me a better player, and I have to keep practicing ALL the time, so Friday’s are one of the ONLY definite days I can post.

Special thanks to purdyw, who I will be speaking more to on the phone. However today I would like to talk about Pacman. Yes the old 1980 game which is VERY famous NOW. Most of you may have watched The Annoying Orange – Pacmania (which is very funny). Which made me start ‘The Pokemonster Pac Man Leaderboard’ on my new site (which only has 18 views) and everyone can comment with their scores, if they are high enough they will go on the leaderboard!

How is thewackybogey going anyway????

Leave a comment here too if you want to put down your scores here, then go onto which shows you where the high scores are.

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