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A Massive View Yesterday

Yesterday about 9 people saw this site, so I’ve got to post quicker from now on (I’ve been working on On Moshi Monsters (which I don’t go on to much anymore but still) I have not got Waldo, and for now I’m not digging them up. Mainly join Marapets where I will be on, in my opinion it’s betther than Moshi Monsters.

Thanks for reading,

Pokemonster2908 🙂


How good the site is going… is not going too bad. I have made a News page, which has some exciting stuff on it about life (?). I made it on Tuesday night, but it has 2 views so far (mlp and someone else), and it looks pretty good so far. There is a Pokemon Advice page too, which helps you to train your Pokemon and which moves to teach them. 😉

I will update this post so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

New Site IS Going To Be Made!

Ok, the only reason I could not get to post was because I had a VERY long Anti – Scan Virus. Anyways, a site for just news and all that kind of stuff should be made soon, with it’s site name:

Go onto it now!

Hope you’ll like it,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

Last updated: August 26, 2010 at 12:40

I can post again!!!

Finally, I can update this site, because I may have been busy or … when I get the chance to, I have to go to somewhere else.

Anyway, now for the big news.
I just got Blurp, which I may put on the picture later on which make make 2nd Fish Moshlingy.

I need Waldo real bad, so I’m going to plant plants for him as soon as possible.

Mainly, the only thing I went on Moshi Monsters was for the puzzles and the moshlings, so that is what I mainly do. I do care about my health and the happiness, also I care about rox (the money) to save up, that is why I do the Daily Challenge, as well as increasing your monster’s happiness.

Next, the Daily Growl page on this site will be replaced (sorry if you liked it, I have something better) 😦 . But I will be creating a Pokemon News page and the Pokemonster List will be replaced with Something else, so in the mean time it will say ‘Comibng Soon’ with a ‘Protected’ thing if I feel like it.

So I can finally update Moshi Monsters 4 Ever Once Again!
However, one thing for sure, I should not be able to post on the 29th Of August, I’m having friends around.

That is for now, stay tuned!

Pokemonster2908 🙂

Random stuff…


Yes I have all the Birdies, with Tiki in my room, yes I am getting Blurp but one thing you won’t guess, me at purdyw’s. 😀

You’ve FINALLY guessed it, I’m staying at purdyw’s for the night. Meanwhile I am packing half of my house to his house, listening to Scatman is a bit of a laugh. To sing along to it (especially if you are a weirdo like your not but still…)

To get to the song, here is the link:

Next there is a new thing: ‘Are you weirdier than Mr Weird?’ So let’s face it, Mr Weird might be a real person, so not to joke about it, but they can’t be a person called Akjfusah8aqhswiat Weirdo, so make another name, let’s think: Miss Dakfgjtuifgnia Weirdo, this is random.

Anyway, am I random? It might be weird, but I can sometimes admit I am random. Even purdyw says I am – which I know it is not a surprise due to the fact my parents say I am a bit random (not grandparents, just mum and dad)…

Anyway, visit the combos page for some different codes for moshlings aswell.

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

Goodbye windows xp, YOU SUCK

Today I am upgrading my Latitude D610 computer from windows xp to windows 7 as I have heard windows 7 is noticeably faster which I really need.

I am very grateful that a 5 year old laptop could run on 7



Note: My PC is still running on win xp pro 32bit

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