How did Pokemonster2908 get it’s name?

Pokemonster2908 got it’s name on the Saturday 20th February 2010, by thewackybogey’s help. He was starting Moshi Monsters at 14:15 and we couldn’t think up his username, so we connected from ‘Pokemon’ and ‘Monster’ then the ‘2908’ (my birthday, no not the 2nd of September in 2008 lol). So that’s how the name got made.

Pokemonster2908’s sites

Then the site of pokemonelite2010 got started, still here today. However it was on Google Sites and wasn’t as popular, so moshimonsters4ever on Google Sites was then created, but then asked ‘purdyw’ for some help. Then moshimonsters4ever came on here and now is renamed ‘Gamesters’ as it’s main title.

Running this site hasnt been easy. It started as an idea to bring a whole variety of games, reviews and many other things to one site, you may consider it as a kinda 3 in 1 site. Our first post (which has been deleted) has been bought back for your viewing.


Are you ready for the launch of the newest, awesomeist (if thats a word) and sleekest looking site around? Well look no further. Moshimonsters4ever is a database for every cheat around. So keep your eyes peeled and WATCH THIS SPACE.

The history of Gamesters

Alright then, so whilst many of the clains may not be true (e.g the sleek part) It still gives you some history about this site.

Gamesters started off as a Moshi Monsters fan site, and was created on the 20th of April in 2010 (20/04/2010). Pokemonster2908 was a member of Moshi Monsters (at the time, until around December 2010 when he became a non-member, but is still on the website) and was very popular. Pokemonster2908 wanted people to see his feeling, and to start a Moshi Monsters fan club, until it all changed.

Before this post was made. Pokemonster2908 hired me and everyone else at purdycorp to come and run this site until pokemonster got used to Purdycorp still owns the same 50% of the site and is responsible for 57% of traffic to this site.
Now today our site has moved on completely! We have gave up on moshimonsters and taken the gaming aproach and as I couldnt be bothered to come up with a name I left it for pokemonster. Note: This was when the post was made.

Now two months has passed and nothing has happened. The views had died down, there were no posts for over a month! Mainly because pokemonster2908 was trying to get his old site off the ground and make it popular. So all the time he was updating there whilst we were short of views! You could have said that he was posting for nothing!

A few weeks passed and he packed up on the site and attempted to focus on this blog. His attempts were successful (for about a month) and then everything died down due to the lack of cheats.

Another month passed and there were no updates and the site was looking outdated. So one month after this purdyw came along did the following

  • Changed the banner
  • Made the pages look nicer
  • Added new, more popular pages.
  • Added over 5 new gaming cheats in under 1 hour
  • Still trying to add new cheats although still having to complete purdyw project

So there is a short timeline of  how a small idea turned into a growing all in 1 blog. Hope to see you soon.

More of ‘The history of Gamesters’

1 month and 13 days later (February 20, 2011) was the 1 month anniversary of Pokemonster2908. Not alot happened but there was a post about it on that day. It got alot of policity and rising the fews up dramatically. In March 2011 there was over 250 views in that month, making the most successful month on Gamesters. 1 month later it still stayed smooth and fresh, and guess what? It was the 1 year anniversary of Gamesters! There was alot of information (however this page didn’t get updated, it was last updated on January 7, 2011 at 1909) of this and also got more policity (but not as much). 2 more months passed and the summer holidays came, however Pokemonster2908 got alot of jobs to do and didn’t get updated as much as it should of got. 2-3 months after that, Pokemonster2908 was getting a ton of homework, and the updates of Gamesters dropped. Then he came up with a great idea: a schedule! It was used in the last fortnight of the week holidays, and it didn’t work out. To this day the schedule makes more sense and knowing when he updates.

And there it is, the history of Gamesters from when it began back in 2010 (April 20, 2010 to be exact again) until right now, today (November 21, 2011).


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