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The last straw…

Hi guys,

Well as how much views we have got, we are almost at 2000 views!

Unfortanutely, school is up for 2 more weeks until I can do more updates etc. however the sad thing is this half term I am getting tests and exams, and being an 8th grader in middle school (yr 8 in comp) is seriously tough work. Good job we’re not the youngest!!!!! So yeah due to tests and exams, you could say this site is going down undermaintenace, however the site will still be up and I’ll post probably every weekend or whenever I get spare time or something like that and update to you guys whats going on.

And if you want to battle me, Facebook me or comment anywhere on this site, post your friend code and tell me if you want to battle!!!!!

On Pokemon Black:

Name: James
FC: 0561 6005 8312

On Pokemon Platinum and my Pokemon Diamond (The walkthrough Pokemon Diamond) will be posted later on.

Speaking of which, I won’t be able to put any more videos quite yet even though I need to upload some on Pokemonster2908’s Facebook page. So if you want to ask more, either Facebook me or comment anywhere on this site. 😉

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


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