Here It Is!!!!!!

Hey Guys and Gals

Here it is as promised heres the link to my trailer, just Click Here!

Bye for now, MLP3399 🙂


Long time no see!!!!

Hi guys and gals its me mlp3399 its been a long long long time since ive been here. Well here to tell you about my new series im going to be doing for gamesters. Its going to be showing you the borderlands boss walkthrough. pokemonster2908 will post the trailer later and the main series for the gamesters anniversary and after maybe my own play though of a game so hope you see my new series.

Bye for now-MLP3399 🙂

New Author!

I am the new author ( an author), mlp3399 – pokemonster2908’s step brother. Check out the site I share with him right here: but they might not be an Authors Office yet, I might put on a page with it soon! 🙂  Also on it, answer my poll!

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