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Your Weekly Dose

Ever since I quit my blog, I have had more time to work here and play other games- more creative games. So, I am rounding up the best game news of the week and presenting it to you in a Weekly Dose. Let’s start:

3DS And Wii U- Face it, Nintendo is becoming a fail. Look at their 3DS, they’ve already slashed the price in the UK by a third. What’s to say that this won’t happen to the Wii U? Trouble is brewing…

Facebook- Great, Facebook just added a chat bar that takes up a third of the page. Seriously? Who thinks of these ideas. All we want is a dislike button.

Backyard Monsters- Recently, I have ventured into the depths of Facebook games and enjoyed it. Kinda. Whilst my thoughts on most Facebook games are still the same, there are a few exceptions. More will come soon.

Remember, If you play Backyard Monsters and frequently visit the forums, remember to look out for HotPotato. You should know why 😉



The preview of 2 new walkthroughs!

Hi guys,

My spare page will be changed into a Walkthrough page, starting with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Pokemon Emerald!

Anyways, my New Super Mario Bros. Wii walkthrough will be updated at least once a week, with an update having 1-3 levels. 😉 It will have every single level and the controls, aswell as a brief description of the Toad Houses!

In addition, this Walkthrough page will be released on the 1st of August in 2011 (which is this year, duh) so I’m gonna start now. Hopefully this will become a useful page (I don’t think the links will work but I’ll try. If not I’ll find a way) and will help many people. Here is the list of when the 3 new pages will be released and when they will be updated regularly:

1) Walkthroughs page – 01/08/2011
2) The History of Nintendo page – 05/08/2011
3) The Pokemon stories page – 10/08/2011

A few slight changes of the release dates of the 2 new pages because I have work to do, anyway here’s the schedule:

Schedule: Friday (Done), Saturday (Today/Done), Sunday (Tomorrow), Monday (Coming Soon), Wednesday (Schedule begins again).

Next time, the advanced Pokemon strategies since I couldn’t put it in today’s post!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

Page number 2 equals Pokémon…

Hi guys,

I was thinking to do some information about Pokémon for the 2nd page, and I’m guessing about my story of Pokémon for now.

Anyways I have beat the Elite 4 and they were a JOKE. Seriously I beat the whole Pokemon League in about 20 mins; 10:30 – 10:50. So I’m now gonna do my story of Pokemon Ruby and they are gonna all be water types. I’m definitely going to use Swampert, Sharpedo, Pelipper, Whiscash and Crawdaunt. Every single one has a secondary typing so I can counter Electric and Water types (Pelipper and Whiscash). Unfortanutely Pelipper has a 4x Electric weakness and Whiscash has a 4x Grass weakness so I’ve got to be careful. 😉

Oh and apologys that this post didn’t get released yesterday, I realised I had at least 300 Pokemon cards to sort out and I knew I wouldn’t have any time to make the post so this weeks schedule is gonna be different, sorry.

Schedule: Friday (Today/Done), Saturday (Tomorrow), Sunday (Coming soon), Monday (Start of Page 2).

Next time, advanced Pokémon strategies and a walkthrough of New Super Mario. Bros Wii preview!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

Some information about 1 of the new pages and other stuff…

Hi guys,

I have a few things to say about today, so please read if you want to find out:

1) On Wednesday I am going somewhere exciting for the day, so I on either Tuesday or Thursday I will make that post. There is a chance I might make some other posts aswell as schedule aswell. 😉
2) I am now training up my team on Pokemon Red because I just got through Victory Road, not more to say there.
3) Some fun facts of Pokemon:
a) Girafarig backwards is Girafarig!
b) Rhyhorn and Charizard have the same cry!
c) Ekans backward is snake and Arbok backwards is Kobra!
d) Pokemon actually started in 1990, not 1996.
e) Dig’s base power was from Power 100 (1st gen), to power 60 (2nd and 3rd gen), now to Power 80!

Ok, so these 2 new pages are completely different and I’ll tell you some information about 1 of the pages.
It will have a brief history of Nintendo, and a timeline of what has happened and will happen. It will have a few pictures and other stuff that may look exciting, and should be updated at least every month.
*This page should be released on 06/08/2011, which is actually a fortnight from now actually, so it will be on a Saturday. Not sure what time though*

Next time, some information about the other page and more of my Pokemon Red adventure (and may be some other stuff)!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


Hi guys,

Springbreak finally started for me yesterday and so I should be sticking to my schedule now. 😀 Also I have just got Pokemon Red, about a week ago and I’ve got a pretty good team on that, just fighting some trainers I forgot to fight on my way to Blaine with a pretty weirdly leveled team:

Lv32 Nidoking – Poison,Ground – Body Slam, Thrash, Earthquake, Horn Drill – HP:106, Atk:70, Def:59, Spd:72, Special:59
Lv33 Raichu – Electric – Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Swift – HP:93, Atk:72, Def:52, Spd:85, Special:73
Lv34 Vapreon – Water – Surf, Ice Beam, Quick Attack, Sand Attack – HP:143, Atk:60, Def:49, Spd:56, Special:85
Lv35 Venusaur – Grass,Poison – Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Toxic, Cut – HP:108, Atk:70, Def:77, Spd:69, Special:89
Lv36 Pidgeot – Normal,Flying – Fly, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Take Down – HP:116, Atk:69, Def:71, Spd:87, Special:66
Lv45 Dugtrio – Ground – Dig, Rock Slide, Slash, Sand Attack – HP:102, Atk:98 Def:65, Spd:134, Special:90

So how do you like my team?

In other news, they may be some new pages soon, so look forward to that, not alot to be said about these new pages, but they’re gonna be awesome no matter what anyway so…

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

P.S.The schedule may be changed slightly due to arragements plus I’m not sure if either I can stick to the schedule or not, so yeah…

Big news…

Hi guys,

I am SO sorry for not posting for a month or 2, I have had many exams which makes me have no time left to make videos, update this site, etc. I also have Guitar practice and sometimes I need to chill out. I have a good schedule that should work for Gamesters and I have decided I will update Gamesters every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. This week will be different, and I’m gonna update today and tomorrow due to my 3 day trip where I’m gonna chill out and enjoy myself! 😉

Next up, sorry for any inconvience this is caused, and hackers have managed to get to our site so thanks purdyw for sorting everything out for me whilst I have to revise or do homework etc. Tomorrow is Sports Day for me, so what I’m gonna do is update around 18:00 EST (11:00 AST) and then pack my bags to go to this amazing place – with purdyw!

Now for some good Pokemon stuff. I am training some Pokemon up to get ready for Online Battle on Pokemon Black and White version so then I can send on a post my Friend Code so you can battle me (interact with me for more information if you’re interested). I am thinkin of a battle team with (and here’s your advantage here) Volcorana, Infernape, Shuckle or Metagross, Hydreigon, Rhyhorn and Swanna!!!!!! I’m not telling you the movesets so be careful who you’re gonna use (e.g. if I used a Swanna, electric types would be 4x advantage but if I’m faster against the opponent, I may use an attack like Giga Impact or Hyper Beam to pull off some good damage unless the opponent resists Normal, I might use a power Water or Flying attack instead.). However I need to train so I’m not gonna write any details yet!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

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