Hey guys and girls!

I started making a ROMhack because I thought it’d be interesting to play and for other people to not stick with the same hacks over and over again.

“I started making this ROMhack on Thursday 5th September 2013, and I’ve been having a lot of fun testing out everything. A sequel will be made eventually as well, along with a Pokemon Ruby ROMhack series also!”

Added in this update:-
– All Routes up to Route 309 are complete with mapping, wild Pokemon, etc. (Trainer battles for Route 309 will be added soon)
– Rivals Team Changed (Route 324 and S.S. Anne)
– First 4 Gyms complete
– Cerulean City edited (at last)
– Champion remade
– Route 325 edited

What is to come in the next version update:-
– Route 309 trainer battles
– Rock Tunnel complete
– Any bugs and/or glitches fixed

GBA Download Link:-

Pokemon FireRed – The League Challenge (Minigame):-

Zip. Files (Comes With Pokemon Flashing Yellow v1.1.0 and Pokemon FireRed):-

Tutorial For Android Users:-

1) Make sure you have MyBoy! installed from the Google Play Store (it’s free without saving, it costs £5 or $5 at most if you wish to save data).
2) Download the Zip. Files with the link provided above.
3) Download an app called AndroZip on the Google Play Store (it’s free!)
4) Go onto AndroZip, find where you downloaded the Zip. Files (it should be in a folder called “Sylvy’s Bulk Pack :3”). Click on PokemonFlashingYellow and unzip the files. It should have Pokemon Flashing Yellow and Pokemon FireRed – The League Challenge on there.
5) Convert these back into 2 seperate Zip. Files if they aren’t already.
6) And done! You can move them into the Downloads folder if you wish.
Sylveonnn you are a god for making this Bulk Pack. ❤

Special thanks to Derek, Landy, Meteorr and Sylveonn from Pokemon Online who have been testing out Pokemon Flashing Yellow and helping me on it!


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