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3DS games!

Hi guys,

So there are new games coming out for the Wii and 3DS and in this post I’m gonna track my favourites down, also they may be a chance I will have a 3DS for Christmas.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (3DS)
25 year anniversary of Link, they need yet ANOTHER Zelda games. All of the games have been great, even Link To The Past which is one of my least favourites, excluding CDI. They are brand new moves Link can use, like rolling bombs, like Wii Sports Resort. A new villain introduced to Skyward Sword, Ghirahim who is an evil person who really hates Link, so much we thought he could swipe Link’s neck off with one touch of his knife. Giving Link a taste of his own medicine! No that doesn’t happen sadly. Happily the Wii Motion Plus controls are fantastic on Skyward Sword, you can twist and angle the remote for your movement controls. When Link is stand still, tilt the controller left and right to make him dumbly wave his sword (and hit himself?), swing and he’ll match your angle of attack. Hold your remote aloft and Link will mimic you, raising his sword attacks. No idea Ganandorf is in or not, but i think he still should be in. Also, unfortanutely it has no multiplayer, but nevertheless it looks like a GREAT game.

Mario Kart 7!!!!!

The game I am dying to get. For a start they are using old cars for Mario Kart 5 for DS, 8 player multiplayer, the 3rd online Mario Kart racing game and the tracks look amazing, even the retro tracks (if they is) I’m guessing if they are look great aswell. The handling system of Mario Kart Wii was amazing, so Nintendo decided Mario Kart 7 decided to add that handling onto the 3DS. Lakitu once again is a sign guy, wishing he had a kart. Sure he could use his could though, wait a minute that will be cheating. Anywho, I’ve heard that one of the tracks have water under a bridge, and you can actually go underwater however makes you slower. About time, I think they should be a complete track underwater, actually 2: 1 where the start is on a beach thing then you go underwater for the rest of the lap, and 1 where the whole track is underwater, even the start line. Nevertheless this looks amazing and will be very popular for Christmas, especially if you have a 3DS and can’t decide.

Kirby Wii (WII)

I don’t get why this didn’t come out first, then Epic Yarn. Like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, this is a 4 player game, and they are the characters to say about. Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight and Waddle Dee. I’m guessing these are the 4 characters, so it’s exciting what HAL Laboratories choose for the final boss. Sadly, Waddle Dee is sadly the weakest guy you can play as for a number of reasons. He can’t inhale enermies like Dedede and Kirby can. Not sure about MetaKnight, but he can use his sword skills unlike anyone else. Anyway as I was saying Waddle Dee is the worst character, his little spear is probably gonna not do much. Like Brawl, I thought Waddle Dees could shock enemies with a single touch, however can be killed very easily in Kirby Wii. Sadly not. While Mario Kart 7 may take the Christmas spot along with a couple other games, Kirby Wii looks amazing with new attacks, the Super Sword and 4 player adventure mode makes this one of the best Kirby games every to be existed.

Mario & Sonic At The 2012 Olympic Games (WII + 3DS)

One of the first (if not the first) game to be published on the Wii and 3DS at the same time. It looks like the same as Olympic games 1. This time though however it’s in London, so it’s made especially for England, but I’m guessing it’s gonna come out elsewhere, because the Olympics are WorldWide.


Random Post: Video news (This may not be true)

Hi guys,

So you might be thinking; today isn’t a day on the schedule? Well, I just want to say something to you guys now otherwise I may forget. 😉
First of all, there is a high chance, and I mean a very high chance I will not be making a post on Saturday, so that will get postponed to hopefully, Sunday because of my parents wedding. xD

Now for the main subject. Soon (hopefully, that is) I may be adding my Pokemon walkthroughs to Gamesters aswell as my Facebook page (remember to press Like, PLEASE press Like! xD) and that is, I might change the schedule: if I add a video, I may not make another Post until loads of people watch my videos otherwise some will become waste and may be important. 😉
Wow the top bit was longer than my main subject? If so, weird…xD

Thanks for watching,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

Hopefully soon I should be making Wi-Fi vids, but like always, please feel free to battle me (mainly on Black and White)! By the way FC means Friend Code. xD
Name: James
FC: 0561 6005 8312

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