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Update: This was supposed to be on purdyw4u so please excuse me if it makes no sense

As the owner of purdywcorp I like to keep my sites updated as much as possible. But at the moment I have not been impressed with our brother site. And if Pokemonster2908 is reading this now and feeling angry, just keep reading. At the moment, moshimonsters4ever has been an inactive site which isnt getting many views. But pokemonster cant help this as he has got behind in homework. So thats why I (purdyw) are currently helping him out by adding new authors. You, yes you can sign up. As long as you fit into the following description

1. You like:Moshi monsters or Viva pinata or maropets (whatever it is)

2. You will post atleast twice a week

3. You are between the age of 8-12

Pokemonsters site will be back and more popular then ever by the end of this year


I’m sorry… Please Comment!

Ok, I’m SSSSSSOOOOOOO sorry I haven’t posted for AAAGGGEEESSS, because I started school a week ago, and I’ve been mainly focusing on school. I like Ditchimon and videos, so if you have made a video (and you think it’s really really cool) please comment below and it’s title – so I can view it. I give it a rating out of 100 (I normally say 60% at the lowest, but I like almost every video that people send in). I can also say what to improve on (e.g. Next time, make sure the screen is cleaned, so people can see it). This only MY opinion, so you could think it isn’t cool but you send it in and I give you 100%, it is a completely different story. So see you tomorrow (hopefully or it could be Saturday, Friday I am totally unavaliable).

This could also be turned into a comment page, so you comment on WHATEVER you like, at least it has no swearing in it or it is not rude.

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

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