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The Big Day :D

Hi guys,

Yes you all know it, the 1 year anniversairy of Gamesters, the site that was thought about…me. And thanks to all your guys for viewing our site and telling more guys to view it! I can’t believe this site has over 1,500 views and I can’t wait until it gets about 30 per day!

See the extras page of the official Purdycorp site, to know what has happened these couple of past years. It has been a great year, and I’ve definitely had a great time, they have been ups and downs but I have enjoyed my day, hope all of you have too.

Pokemonster2908’s Diamond and Pearl Walkthrough will still continue, just to say I might only put 1 video a day, depends how busy I am. 😉 Hopefully for this week, I should be able to do a Elite Four Challenge on Pokemon Leaf Green (but I need to find a strategy how I can win. I don’t think it’s going to be easy, but I’m gonna do it.

Speaking of Generation III Kanto region games, my cousin started a Pokemon Fire Red File and is already on the Nugget Bridge, with this team:

Lv 15 Pikachu – Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Mega Punch and Double Team.
Lv 19 Charmeleon – Ember, Mega Kick, Growl and Metal Claw.
Lv 4 Pidgey – Tackle (He’s gonna use it for 4th Gym hopefully but Pidgeotto instead)
Lv 5 Rattata – Tackle and Tail Whip.
Lv 4 Caterpie – Tackle and String Shot (I think he might switch it for Geodude, useful for quite a few Gyms)
Lv 10 Beedrill – Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden and Fury Attack.

He’s only 8, so he’s doing pretty good for his age.

I know it’s not my longest post, but it’s just to say, I can’t wait what is going to happen this year!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 (20.02.2010 – Today and Counting) 🙂


An Even Bigger Announcement

We have finally launched our new Gaming blog, It is packed with the best cheats ever seen including top 10’s, games of the week and more. So make your way down to here.

In other news, we have added a new banner to Gamesters. Whaddya think?


A Big Annoucement

Hi guys,

I have a couple/few of things to say which are pretty important:

1) I haven’t posted in 10 days 😦 but dont worry, it’s now the start of my Easter holidays and I should be able to post daily. Also aswell as my Pokemon Diamond videos, I’m trying to fit in some of my spare time playing on Pokemon Emerald which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

2) They are 2 new Pokemon Diamond walkthrough vids every day on the Pokemonster2908 Facebook page, so search Pokemonster2908 on Facebook to find them and remember to press like! I go on Pokemon Emerald daily in my spare time now, and I have to say the game deletes itself past the Elite Four, so just before the Elite Four I trade over for wild pokemon I already have like 10 times, then I start the game again (it also helps me get more Master Balls lol).

3) Finally, the most important one is tomorrow is the 1 Year Anniversairy of Gamesters!!!!!!!!!!! I was planning to do this for the Pokemonster2908 anniversairy on the 20th of February, but I didn’t get round to it. So I get to go somewhere tomorrow, and check out Facebook aswell and this site for a big surprise, so press Like on the Pokemonster2908 Facebook page and see this site please!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

Hacked/Fake Pokemon Games

Hi guys,

For quite a few years now, they have been unreal Pokemon games all across the world, from Pokemon Dark Cry one of the most famous ones, too only on emulators Pokemon Light Platinum.

I have mainly been uncovering more stuff about these, and this morning I discovered a Pokemon Flora Sky Version on the VisualBoyAdvance Emulator, which features up to the newest Generation V Pokemon. But I will come onto Emulators later on this post.

First up, they are Fake Pokemon Games available on GameBoyAdvance cartiges, like Pokemon Quartz. It takes place in the Corna region, a hacked impossible to complete (unless on Emulator or obtained the Chinese Version I think) Hoenn Region. I tried going to the 8th Gym place, QuartzTower City, but found out why it was impossible. You can’t get through this cave entrance, and you have to use Dive right before the room with the Submarine in. Then if obtained the full version, you need to Fly to an available QuartzTower City, and it gets more exciting (weirdly) then if you can’t do it, like I couldn’t. Just to know Seegg, Firegg and Aquegg are the starters, taking place of Treecko. All of the Pokemon are completely changed, some a few types and even moves changed! I won’t advise making them because they’re illegal, and you can get arrested if the police find out, but if you want to check them out, it’s up to you (I look on Bulbapedia and, the awesome website of Pokemon).

Next up are the VisualBoyAdvance Emulators. You can download Video Games on to these I have heard, including rareity illegal made Pokemon games, like/such as Pokemon Light Platinum, Pokemon Ruby Destiny adventures and Pokemon Flora Sky. You can also get games officially made by Nintendo and Game Freak, but I think these are illegal too because you’re not paying real money, they are free (since I’ve looked on quite a few Pokemon websites when I’m looking for help for example tips trying to get through Victory Road).

Finally are real games, which people have designed to make them fake, and this is one bit I really hate, you can’t:

Transfer Pokemon to the next generation.
Pokemon Ruby and Emerald files get deleted after beating the Champion.
Might delete files if accidently droped the GameBoy/DS with the cartridge playing in it…
…And many more.

These are the worst, so look out and I strongly recommend getting Sapphire if you want a Hoenn games, because I haven’t seen any fake ones. Quite a few Pokemon Emerald’s I’ve seen are real, like the evil thing’s game. Just to say you can fight in the battle frontier and transfer Pokemon and many more if you have the real version of Emerald, so buy the game from a shop like Game etc, etc.

I’ll tell you more when I can, but since it’s a lovely day where I’m living and I might play out for a while then discover more information about the Hacked games. Cya soon and just to note we already have 88 views so far this month, keep it up guys (tell more people to visit this site if you haven’t if you think they will like it in any shape or form) and I hope you’ve noticed the new banner purdyw put up, thank you (we shared our ideas by the way)!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

A good start to the month

Hi guys,

Well this month is gonna look pretty good so far, we’ve had April Fool’s Day the Friday just tomorrow and Mothers Day yesterday. Did anyone play any pranks or people? These are the one’s I got:

3 of my best mates: Pokemonster (They said my real name actually lol), you have got us 4 guys in detention, why did you do that?!
Pokemonster2908: I know it’s an April Fool’s Joke, I’m not believing you.

See, it works every time! Now for a couple of weird ones that was from one of my mates.

Friend: (Not saying his actual name…heh heh…) Pokemonster look over there!
Another friend: That’s one of the worst jokes ever, people don’t fool for THAT!
All 3 of us: HA LOL *laughs*!

And a couple more which were pretty bad, like “You’re shoe’s untied!” which is an old classic I learnt in about Year 4, and believe me, when I get fooled for a joke, it never works on me again.

But remember – Don’t do your pranks after 12:00 midday on April Fool’s Day, otherwise it is bad luck and YOU’RE the fool instead, kinda random huh?

Now on to Mother’s Day, the gift giving for mum’s. You can proof to your mum that you love her so much and they’re the best mum ever, it’s a day for caring about your mum! (Unfortanutely, Kids’ Day is only in America, hard luck Britains.)

You can just give your mum a £10 gardening gift voucher, a bag of some nice smellies and a nice Mother’s Day card, done! Or if you are not that rich you can just get a reasonable £1 Mother’s Day and a box of Celebrations worth £2, not spending alot of money, only £3, done!

Now I’m starting Pokemon Fire Red, on my way to 4th Gym (I’m fighting Team Rocket [or racket tee hee!] and the like) with my corresponding team below:

Lv 24 Pidgeotto (Wings), is a Normal and Flying Pokemon with Keen Eye, an ability which makes the user not decrease accuracy, best stats are special defense and speed, and the moves are Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Gust and Whirlwind.

Lv 24 Mankey (Fighter), is a Fighting Pokemon with Vital Spirit, an ability which makes the user unable to sleep, best stats are attack and speed, and the moves are Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Low Kick and Karate Chop.

Lv 25 Fearow (Flyspeed), is a Normal and Flying Pokemon with Keen Eye, an ability which makes the user not decrease accuracy, best stats are attack and speed, and the moves are Peck, Pursuit, Fly and Fury Attack.

Lv 25 Beedrill (Toxic), is a Bug and Poison Pokemon with Swarm, an ability which makes the user take more damage of the opponent when using Bug moves and the user is down to 33% of health left or less, best stats are attack and speed, and the moves are Poison Sting, Twineedle, Brick Break and Fury Attack.

Lv 25 Raticate (All – Type) is a Normal Pokemon with Run Away, an ability which makes the user escape from wild battles much easier, best stats are special defense and speed, and the moves are Dig, Scary Face, Quick Attack and Hyper Fang.

Lv 25 Ivysaur (Startstar) is a Grass and Poison Pokemon with Overgrow, an ability which makes the user take more damage of the opponent when using Grass moves and the user is down to 33% of health left or less, best stats are special attack and special defense, and the moves are Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Leech Seed and Razor Leaf.

So yeah my Pokemon team is kinda impressive, with only one battle lost with the 3rd Gym Leader, Lt.Surge, but I didn’t get a Diglett or Dugtrio (which destroys them) at that time only because my Raticate was really good in Attack and Speed, it could do Dig however one problem; I forgot to buy Super Potions, I was like ‘how could I been so stupid!’

Anyway stay tuned for more adventures, but before I go, more good news, we have over 50 views this week already, so thank you to all that are viewing, I am so happy and they is a chance we’ll beat March by far, which is our highest one yet. 😀

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

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