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Quick, answer!

As you can see on my newest page there is a competition, just please answer to the question by the 21st of July 2010 otherwise the question will change, quick and go onto the Pokemonster List page!!!

Remember to get onto the Pokemonster List page NOW!!! 😉

Pokemonster2908 🙂

Also celebrating with my new lady Meowford and the Mini Ben that I got on the 15th of June!!!


Closing Down

Ok as some of you know my site ( is closing down soon and relocating to

5 special things!

Hi guys,

It has been 11 days since I last posted, I have to say I am really sorry and it is about time people might of had enough of this site so therefore from now on, if this site does not get posted since its last post from more than 10 days ago, I will speak up. Just to tell the ‘Authors’ that if I can’t post, please can you post to get this site going? Anyway, here are the five things I want to talk about besides that piece of news.

1. The funfair was open on Tuesday, woo hoo! At last, you get to play over 15 games on the internet on Moshi Monsters, if you even are a Space Invaders fan, just play it at the funfair!

2. Now this new shop called ‘Paws ‘n’ Claws’ is now open at the port! It was released at the same time as the funfair and here are some details. They are Mystery Boxes and Stuffed Toys. Buy hte mystery boxes if you want to know how to get a moshling, even if you can’t be bothered to look on this here site! I think it is very useful and I will change the ‘Combos’ page a tiny bit so you can not cheat as much so it is a more exciting way otherwise it won’t be fun. I want to find out more boxes, as well as you can look at Mystery Boxes from other peoples house! How exciting, huh? Anyway the stuffed toys are like Moshling teddys and the cost of them varys. The Lady Meowford is the rariest of them all, and is 85 rox while General Fuzukie is only 56 rox so they is another thing to collect!

3. The race. Of Coolio. Had beem declared. This was a post I wanted to talk about alone, but I mays well say it now. The race started on Wednesday morning and purdyw got the head start. I got 1 plant correct in no time (as it is an ‘any’ plant) and that got me the head start. On Thursday night I got the other plant correct, leaving me the Pink Snap Apple left to go. It was Friday Night at 9:20 pm, and Coolio was mine so in other words, I beat purdyw even with him having a headstart! Nothing to brag, but some people feel jealous that I got him. Find out how you can get Coolio, by buying some Mystery Boxes at the Port like I said above.

4. The Daily Growl on my site has not been updated for days, so it will start up again. My latest post is the only one there left, and that is one of them that does not make sense. So therefore, only the news will be staying for 1 week, but it won’t close. If new gifts arrive, I will put them up on the Daily Growl and on the Main Page with its picture.

5. Finally, I jsut have to say a big THANK YOU to all YOU viewing at the moment and our TEAM. Even, you might have not done alot, thanks to YOU of becoming an Author after all your hard work on commenting.

I will start to post more often now, and I hope the authors do and you comment too. All for now, Bye!

Pokemonster2908 🙂

Dipsy, you’re mine!

My first Fluffy I have now just got, called Dipsy! It is an Uncommon Moshling and one of my favourites. It is an Dinky Dreamcloud and let’s just say it is one of the cutest Moshling I have ever seen. 😉

Pokemonster2908 🙂

Oh and we were gonna race for Coolio (me and purdyw) but considering he didn’t get Hansel, we aren’t going to race just yet…

Purdyw Suspended?

Moshi Monsters Banned me!!!!! but dont worry, it should only be for 24 hours


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New Author!!!

Ok everyone, I have added a new author, evangeline145! It might not be showing on the ‘Authors’ part of the sidebar but when she posts it should come up. To see more news, visit the Daily Growl page for stuff, stuff and stuff! Please also add evangeline145 so she can become moe popular. She has her own wordpress site too, but it won’t let you go on, to find out what ti is, click her name under the comment.

Pokemonster2908 🙂

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