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Cleo’s number

Hi guys,

Remember Cleo was #079 same as Gigi?

Sorry for no pic.

Well now it has been changed to #080, and here is a great pic of my friend’s room:

Just to say sorry to purdyw for this, but I click Print Screen for something else and I accidently click your zoo by mistake, don’t worry though as I will send you a gift.

Welll they are the differences! 😎

Pokemonster2908 🙂


My room now

Ok, it has been along time since I posted a pic of my room so here are some pics:

My main room:

A New Moshi Monsters Picture

My moshling garden:

My Moshling Garden - Pokemonster2908

My other room in my house:

Moshlings on Level 1

The Skyscraper Style:

A taxi with a moving cone

Well, hope you like them!

Pokemonster2908 🙂

The new gifts!

Ok here are the new gifts that was released quit a bit ago but I didn’t do the picture:

Squidge with a nightmare for you:

Vampire Bite!

Kissy on a whale:

Kissy on a whale

Collecting all the moshlings:

Collect Them All!

And thats it! Hope you like the latest 3 gifts… so enjoy!

Pokemonster2908 🙂

Friends on Moshi Monsters Alert!

Hi guys,

I will post this probably quite often but please can you be our friends? One of us are pokemonster2908 and the other is purdyw (my best friend and the person who made this site for me) and our goal is to reach the monstar J List as soon as we can! Once we are there, we would like you to still tell more people and be our friends as well as visiting out room too, it is 935 visits to get to a Monstar J List! 😀

It is simple to sign up and to do that go that go on to the brillant site of Moshi Monsters! The sites are below.

Have fun!

Pokemonster2908 🙂 or you can just put:

Update: Pokemonster2908, your not gonna get to the j list until at least aughust

My 1000th Message!

For those who know, I have 1000 messages! This doesnt mean alot too me so I wont brag on about it anymore

On to the next page!

To know what I am talking about, go on the Daily Growl and read the 21st of May 2010 to know what the important news is.

Pokemonster2908 🙂

Different Prices!

Ok people, have a look at the Gift Island on Moshi Monsters to see the new prices! To take a sneak peek, look at the picture below:

Weird rox prices

Pokemonster2908 with more weird rox prices

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