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The 3 good things of the 31st of July (well, 4 me anyway)!

Hi guys,

You know my name, pokemonster? Well, since pokemon is part of it, you can tell I can like Pokemon.

Well, happily tomorrow arrives the new Pokemon Anime, Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors (I remember the name since I watch the Johto League Championships episodes, which helps me somehow), which where in the 9th Episode (If I can remember), Ash Ketchum gets to meet Flint, one the members of the Elite 4 and the Sunshore City’s Gym Leader Volkner.

As well as these new episodes every Saturday at 7am on Cartoon Network, one of my favourite days will land in 29 days tomorrow (which is the 31/07/2010)! You’ll probably guess it correctly because I’m not saying it.

Anyway for the last surprise, the Enigma Stone to encounter Latias (on Pokemon SS) and Latios (on Pokemon HG) will arrive! This means you can capture then other beast of the two to complete both of the set! Without this, you can only encounter Latias on Pokemon Heart Gold and Latios on Pokemon Soul Silver (unless obtaining them in a trade/Pal Park access)! To find out more about this amazing stuff, go onto my postboard on Moshi Monsters or go onto for even more stuff!

Pokemonster2908 🙂


Which hand are you?

This SHOULD have been on my Daily Growl, but I picked up a forum on Moshi Monsters about which hand are people and the poll was created by aoifepink.

It may be weird (with a 99.99999999% chance it’s not because I hope it is not), but I am left handed, like my friend purdyw. I keep reloading the page and so far 6504 people have voted! From 6480 people (I was the 6480th person to say) only 1 left hander person said that he was left handed!

So that means for a crucial fact that Right hand is more popular than left, but plz answer my brand new poll about which hand you are for writing, but I am going to saywhich hand you are for cutting out with scissors (sorry is this doesn’t even make sense to you, just click what hand you are for cutting out with scissors on my poll below) in mine!

So, here is the poll:

Plz answer, thanks!!!

Pokemonster2908 🙂

AT LAST!!!!!

It has been 3 weeks since I planted plants for my 25th Moshling and I finally got him today! It is … Peppy! I am going to get Tiki for my final Birdie Moshling and get my 4th Moshling set complete.

After that I am going to get Waldo, the Nerdy Cat that looks like a Squirrel. Waldo will be my final moshling for the Kitties set, making my 27th Moshling and my 5th set complete. Then to start off with the Ponies (so I can finish it), Angel first, then Prisclla, after Mr Snoodle and last but not least, Gigi.

This has been a good day for me so far, I started Pokemon Emerald again 2 days ago (on Monday) and I already have 6 gyms due to the fact I have a Lv 34 Combusken, a Lv 34 Gardevoir, and a Lv 33 (soon to be Lv 34) Sandslash. To know more about what is happening on the Hoenn adventure, go onto:

Next I will be going to *suspended* with my younger cousin and 2 other family members (both adults) for the day.

I’ll make a post tonight or tomorrow about something I feel like chatting about but for now, cya!

Pokemonster2908 🙂

What the heck???

Hi guys,

The last time I posted was 10 days, 😦 so I have alot of news to talk about. I was originally going to post everyday, but then I had to go to the Cinema, Subway, etc.

So here is my chance to speak.

1. I can’t wait until 1 month and 4 days, because if you go on Moshi Monsters, look at what will happen and for this, I will send people 5 gifts altogether!  Now how good is that? So, go onto the Pokemonster List and answer my questions. I will now post a new one, and people that will answer now until the special day, I will give people 50 more points! So keep answering!

2. I STILL haven’t got Peppy, it is getting annoying. I will be trying one more week until trying to get Tiki first. I NEED Yellow Magic Beans, but I’m always getting Purple, Black and Red Magic Beans. I will get Angel after Tiki, then Prisclla, then the other 2 Ponies to make them done and dusted.

3. The main course now is, I am re – starting pokemonelite2010 and I have made a new page and some help. This picture below will give you the chance to have a look at it:

Help page of pokemonelite2010

4. I should be trying to update like every 2 – 3 days so, I’ll try my best to ask if I can have time at night to do post, I am so sorry.

Hope you enjoy pokemonelite2010!

Pokemonster2908 🙂

P.S. See ya next time!

Get points 4 gifts!

Remember the competition for the Pokemonster List? Well, it is only 6 days until the competition closes.

Ok, since hardly anyone is answering here is a new device:

If you compete in the tournament and answer, you can trade in your points in 4 gifts!

I will keep track of points due to putting them down on the sidebar/page it’s on so people can see and I can see. Plus if I put it on a piece of paper, I may lose it so it will be easier to do it 0n PC.

So come on, PLZ answer, it finishes in 6 days.

Second post today,

Thanks for reading,

Pokemonster2908 🙂

Prof Purplex and 3 Stanleys???

Hi everyone,

Ok, mlp3399 quit the race for the Owl of Wiseness (Prof Purplex) and when I tried to get him (this happened twice), I accidently got Stanley buy plant 2 Love Berries aswell as the correct dragon, EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

Oh well, I got Prof Purplex in 2 weeks instead of 1 week, to complete my second Bird Moshling out of the 4. I am trying to get Peppy (then Tiki 4 the Birdies Set Complete) before my final of the Kitties, Waldo. I know the code, it just was 2 weeks and I didn’t get a SINGLE plant correct! So if I try to get it later on, it should be quicker if I just planted random plants.

Anyway, mlp3399 is after Hansel, then Scamp/Prof Purplex (again when unachieved) so I am probably still over double the amount of Moshlings he has compared to his from mine (I have loads more but soz if u think I’m bragging) but anyway, I have to go on his 4 a bit ’cause he can’t be bothered to go on in the week, but goes on when he coms to my house, not his mum’s due to mum only wants him to play on the DS and when he can, he does not want to go on so, yeah. 😐

Cheers 4 reading guys,

Pokemonster2908 🙂

Race for Prof Purplex!

Hi guys,

It has been 5 days since I last posted on here, but I have some important news.

First of all, they are more new games at the Moshi Funfair! Like Cursor Race, Jumper, and Mushroomer! The new games are pretty good, but now to some other good news.

Me and my step brother, mlp3399, are trying to get Prof Purplex! We both have 2 plants correct (and are the same plants!), the any Dragon and the Black Moon Orchid! Yay! But now we need the Pink Love Berry for our 2nd Birdie Moshling.

Then after that, I will try to get Waldo again (Any+Colour+Colour?). I will have a quick check due to changing moshling codes to make them easier.

So see you next time when the race has done, if not before!

Pokemonster2908 🙂

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