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More pics

Sorry pokemonster2908, I know there a big late…



Again sorry pokemonster


Pokemonster2908’s room!

Pokemonster2908 wanted some pics of his house (I am purdyw) so here they are for you!

And as for the last wouldnt let me display it 😦

I now play on roblox why not get an account?

Sad stuff

Ok we have a problem with the daily growl page.

It is a long story so I wont explain it to you

So because of this it has been locked untill around the 15th May 2010

I have made a test page for pokemonster2908 to post the daily growl stuff


Something is coming soon to cpcheatingservice…

Remember to be there on the 10/10/10


If anyone would like to add me on moshi monsters I am purdyw (yokey77) ok?

In other news there will be something very very cool happening on my site.

To get there search for cpcheatingservice.

What’s your rating?

This site has been running for a bit and I am actually quite proud of it but I would like to know what do you rate my site out of ten. You can rate as much as you want and I will look everyday as I might vote too then see what has happened during daytimes and nightimes so I know if I can create a poll saying what I need to improve on.

So here it is guys:

I hope this gets loads of votes on it so have fun voting!

Friend Requests

On Moshi Monsters I like how many friends. I have over 100 of these kind people and you can be my friend too! Go onto the link below and look under pokemonster2908 on your friend tree under friend requests then next time I will be on, I will say ‘Yes’ for you!

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