Mario Tennis Open coming 05/25/2012

Hi guys,

So as you may know, the next Mario Tennis game is coming out this May for the Nintendo 3DS, called Mario Tennis Open. The graphics, the control styles, the characters, the fields and the online functions all look amazing. For a nice little preview of the game, just read below.

“It’s now been nearly 7 years since the last Mario Tennis game (the NPC version of Mario Power Tennis and VC version of Mario Tennis 64 not included), with the last one being Mario Tennis: Power Tour on the Game Boy Advance being released late 2005. It’s about time for another Mario Tennis to come out, and so it (happily) comes out on the 3DS. Believe it or not, this is actually the 6th Mario Tennis game to be existed, as well as not featuring special attacks for your characters. This means Mario Tennis Open is bad, right? Wrong.

Mario Tennis Open offers 16 characters to play as, 12 or so starting off, with the other 4 having to unlock. These 16 characters are split into 6 categories: All-Around, Power, Defense, Speed, Technique and Tricky; a character goes into one of these type classes according to their stats. Mario and Luigi are All Arounders, while Yoshi and Diddy Kong are fast, speedy characters.

Even if the 12 characters that you start off seem sensible, the new characters choices seem a little odd, with the exception being your Mii. You would think Toad, Koopa, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi would be the unlockable characters, but none of these are actually playable. These 3 other characters to play are Baby Peach, Dry Bowser and – a Luma. Really? Baby Peach might seem a little sensible, but only if the Baby brothers were playable too. Dry Bowser does seem really cool to play as, but Dry Bones seems a bit more sensible to play as. It doesn’t feel right to play as a Luma, and surely Toad should be a playable character. But he’s not. Oh well, it must be pretty cool to play as one of the main Lumas.

Unfortunately another minus of the game is that there are only 8-9 playable courts to play on, and they do lack design a little bit. But nevertheless some of them are very creative, especially the Mushroom Valley based one, which makes ball bounce alot higher and they move alot slower.

You can also customize your Mii’s stats, what they look like, what they’re racquet they have, they’re classification etc. This is a really nice feature that you can compare to players online and the StreetPass network function. The online feature looks really exciting as well, trying to rack up points and to become the top of the leaderboard. So Mario Tennis Open is looking spectacular so far, will anything change? Will the game get a Gold Award? Find out on 05/25/2012.”

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


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