Everything is new!

Hi guys,

Well so let me just say I will be creating a new page (or updating a page) of the new games, mainly 3DS games e.g. Super Mario 3D Land etc.

Next up, at the end of each post I will make they should be a mini review at the end, WiiWare games and DSIWare games (Nintendo eShop games are mainly Gameboys and Gameboy Colors in 3D, so yeah not quite sure yet). Also a question will be added too.

Finally, Super Mario 3D Land along with Mario Kart 7 looks like the best 3DS game for now, even if they’re not out yet, runners up Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, Super Pokemon Rumble and something else (I forget).

Post question: How many 3DS games do you think will be released this year? Bonus points if you get it correct 😀

Mini Review:
Game – Crystal Monsters

Well, well, well. People say this a rip-rip-rip *** Pokemon, but it is actually a really good game. Unfortunately you can’t have all your monsters stored at once and the game is clearly not finished yet, also the evolution is a little jerkish because they only just chance colour and adds either Plus or Mega to it. They are some epic themes however, like Trainer fights along with some really well designed monsters. It’s a little easy so RPG newcomers should be alright with this, especially young kids. It gets a tiny hard at the end, however my monsters were still 5 levels above the final bosses level. Apart from that it’s actually a decent game and you can do either combo attacks or blocking, as well as having 2 files unlike Pokemon only fitting 1 file.

+ Over 160 Monsters obtainable
+ Some epic themes
+ You can do combo attacks or blocking attacks
– You can’t have all your monsters at the same time
– Evolution is a little jerkish
– It’s clearly not finished

Rating: 71%

You don’t want these monsters in your pocket, but they are fun to have around. Please make an update Gameloft and a little aftergame and the game will be amazing. Well worth 500 points (£3.50).

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


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