New Black Ops maps

Hi guys,

So the 5 new Zombies Maps is now out on Xbox 360, started from yesterday. 4 maps are from World At War, and the new map Moon is exclusive to Black Ops. Nacht Der Untoten is renamed Night, Zombie Veruckket is renamed Assylum, Shi No Numa is renamed Swamp and Der Riese is renamed Factory. The World At War maps are updated and they are many new stuff of Moon.

A new perk, which gives you another gun slot and a random weapon in front of you for 4000 points, worth it! 2 new guns, the Wave Gun and the Quantum Entanglement Device. The Wave Gun is a new Wonder Weapon that is featured in the zombie level Moon. It causes zombies to cough up blood, slowly expand while floating away, and then explode. It can also be taken apart and Dual Wielded, where it becomes the Zap Gun Dual Wield. When Pack-a-Punched, the Dual Wielded version becomes Porter’s X2 Zap Gun, and the combined version become the Max Wave Gun, see how good it is! The Quantum Entanglement Device (QED) is a Wonder Weapon first seen in the Zombies level Moon, alongside the Wave Gun. It appears in the player’s tactical grenade slot. Treyarch has stated that the QED will be able to “curse” or “bless” the player. The QEDs’s effect is random. The QED has been shown to do multiple things, such as creating explosions like a Scavenger bullet. It can also spawn a random weapon from the mystery box. When a weapon is dropped, it will fire in a circle around itself and can then be picked up and kept permanently. The QED can be thrown and revive any allies that were downed. Also, the QED can give a power-up called Bonus Points which gives the collector a set amount of points. The effect is completely random, and there is no known way of getting a certain outcome. New Easter eggs etc. are also in the new Moon map, with the song being Coming Home! New Zombies are the Astronauts which tricks the player thinking it’s one of your friends playing with you, and the other a Phasing Zombie and they are stated to “test your reflexes as they shift in and out of sight.” They appear to be highly mutated Crawler Zombies that have the ability to rapidly vanish and reappear.

That’s all folks, next time will appear on the Sidebar!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


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