Important: Before – Under maintenace, Now – Updates.

Hi guys,

I have had many days of my schedule, and that is because I have been going out to places 24/7, and I when I have the time to relax and do whatever I want, I haven’t had the longest time in the world and won’t be able to make a post, so the best thing I can do is play on Pokemon Online, which I’ll explain later.

So I thought, right tomorrow and Friday, I have the time to do a MASSIVE update to Gamesters, yes can’t you believe it’s the end of the game already. So what I thought is to start creating a couple new pages and a huge post today or tomorrow, because I said they will be some few extra days I can fit in a post, like tomorrow. 😉

You are free to battle me on Pokemon online now, just comment below and I’ll pick as many as possible (starting with the top comment so they are no arguments), my username is Pokemonster2908 and see you guys there!

By the way, Pokemon Online is an amazing program for competitive battling. Go onto the Pokemon Online site and download the newest Beta, then create your own team (yes, you can change the gender, switch the stats and choose items etc.) before battling online! Also, there is no animations but a description of what the move which was used and how much damage it took (luckily the health bar and the picture and all that is still there). The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t give friend requests, but is saved by Shanai Tournaments which you can do every 10 mins! I still wish they was friend requests on it but whatever it’s still great and I recommend it for any online competitive battler fans. 😀

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


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