The Big Day :D

Hi guys,

Yes you all know it, the 1 year anniversairy of Gamesters, the site that was thought about…me. And thanks to all your guys for viewing our site and telling more guys to view it! I can’t believe this site has over 1,500 views and I can’t wait until it gets about 30 per day!

See the extras page of the official Purdycorp site, to know what has happened these couple of past years. It has been a great year, and I’ve definitely had a great time, they have been ups and downs but I have enjoyed my day, hope all of you have too.

Pokemonster2908’s Diamond and Pearl Walkthrough will still continue, just to say I might only put 1 video a day, depends how busy I am. 😉 Hopefully for this week, I should be able to do a Elite Four Challenge on Pokemon Leaf Green (but I need to find a strategy how I can win. I don’t think it’s going to be easy, but I’m gonna do it.

Speaking of Generation III Kanto region games, my cousin started a Pokemon Fire Red File and is already on the Nugget Bridge, with this team:

Lv 15 Pikachu – Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Mega Punch and Double Team.
Lv 19 Charmeleon – Ember, Mega Kick, Growl and Metal Claw.
Lv 4 Pidgey – Tackle (He’s gonna use it for 4th Gym hopefully but Pidgeotto instead)
Lv 5 Rattata – Tackle and Tail Whip.
Lv 4 Caterpie – Tackle and String Shot (I think he might switch it for Geodude, useful for quite a few Gyms)
Lv 10 Beedrill – Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden and Fury Attack.

He’s only 8, so he’s doing pretty good for his age.

I know it’s not my longest post, but it’s just to say, I can’t wait what is going to happen this year!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 (20.02.2010 – Today and Counting) 🙂


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