Day 30 – Pokemon News 8 (2 new videos)

Hi guys,

Well this month is going to be soon coming to a close, I have got a couple of videos of the Elite Four and the Champion for the second time round, but for now we have the 8th battle against Cheren and the battle against the Game Freak Miyamoto (I think that’s his name), to train up being in the Hall Of Fame, here’s my team:

Pokemon #1: Volcarona
Level: 70
Type: Bug/Fire
Stats: Hp 209 (85), Attack 118 (60), Defense 116 (65), Special Attack 187 (135), Special Defense 162 (105), Speed 154 (100).
Ability: Flame Body – Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker (30%).
Moveset: Silver Wind, Quiver Dance, Heat Wave and Bug Buzz.

Pokemon #2: Kyurem
Level: 76
Type: Dragon/Ice
Stats: Hp 299 (125), Attack 223 (130), Defense 145 (90), Special Attack 214 (130), Special Defense 153 (90), Speed 175 (95).
Ability: Pressure – The Pokemon raises the foe’s PP usage (100%).
Moveset: Glaciate, Dragon Pulse, Imprison and Endeavor.

Pokemon #3: Excadrill (Stalobor)
Level: 62
Type: Ground/Steel
Stats: Hp 209 (110), Attack 157 (135), Defense 84 (60), Special Attack 90 (50), Special Defense 87 (65), Speed 124 (88).
Ability: Sand Force – Boost certain moves’ (Ground or Steel moves) power in a sandstorm (100%).
Moveset: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Fissure and Drill Run.

Pokemon #4: Serperior
Level: 57
Type: Grass
Stats: Hp 170 (75), Attack 130 (75), Defense 109 (95), Special Attack 123 (75), Special Defense 127 (95), Speed 169 (113).
Ability: Overgrow – Powers up Grass Type moves in a pinch (Under 33% of HP left, 100%).
Moveset: Grass Pledge, Coil, Leaf Blade and Leech Seed.

Pokemon #5: Krookodile
Level: 55
Type: Ground/Dark
Stats: Hp 187 (95), Attack 160 (117), Defense 91 (70), Special Attack 84 (65), Special Defense 86 (70), Speed 124 (92).
Ability: Moxie – Boosts Attack after knocking out any Pokemon (100%).
Moveset: Foul Play, Earthquake, Torment and Dig.

Pokemon #6: Musharna
Level: 51
Type: Psychic
Stats: Hp 193 (116), Attack 79 (55), Defense 97 (85), Special Attack 130 (107), Special Defense 104 (95), Speed (29).
Ability: Forewarn – Determines what moves a foe has.
Moveset: Dream Eater, Psychic, Hypnosis and Nightmare.

That is not all the information I have gave you, but since I’m running out of time, I couldn’t fit on the rest (Items, Base Stat Total etc.) so comment on this post or a put a status on my wall telling me how good my team is! Tomorrow’s post will be about the Elite Four’s and Champion’s team, and a chance to watch me battle them on my Facebook Page! Cya for now!

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂

P.S. If you want to find my Facebook page, here are the steps:
1) Go onto Facebook and Login/Sign Up.
2) Go onto the Search Bar and type in Pokemonster2908.
3) If it’s community it is the correct one, now press ‘Like.’
4) Scroll down to see my videos or write a status!
5) Now keep checking back for more updates, videos and of course…games and news.


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