Days 20 – 29: The Big Diary

Hi guys,

Well I half of my posts didn’t upload when I spent hours on end working on them 😦 so I thought of doing a bit Diary on Day 29, because then i can tell you quick things on what has been happening since these past 9 days:

March 20: I found out they are roughly 16 games when the 3DS comes out, starring Nintendogs + Cats, and Super Street Fighter IV 3D not far behind.
March 21: I found out the amazing game of Bubble Popper on my new Samsung Tocco Lite, if people are very bored they should recommend on buying it because it can get you busy for an hour or so…or even longer…
March 22: I found out Parents’ Evening is on April 4, and the changes of what has happened in the 16 years, so people should think that in their mind (I wasn’t born in 1995 by the way).
March 23: I found out the new Nintendo TV 3DS news will launch soon, so if people want to see more news about it and they want to see more information about it, that is the right way to go.
March 24: I found out about the HMV in London has a big 3DS test party on Midnight on the 25th of March, so if you are allowed, go there!
March 25: I found out that Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules comes out in the US cinemas and the 3DS FINALLY comes out, and I would say to get it.
March 26: I found out about Pokemon Black and White anime is available to watch on YouTube, with a new episode just about every weekend.
March 27: I found out that my Facebook page hasn’t been updated for a while, so I’m going to put more vids on there soon.
March 28: I found out that I’m almost ready to fight the Elite Four, and found 5 of the 7 Hiding Team Plasma Sages (Not including Ghetsis).
March 29: I found out that now is the time to talk about the Big Diary entry to the world.

Tomorrow will be a couple of videos hopefully on the Pokemonster2908 Facebook page, so watch out for that. 😉

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


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