Day 10 – Videos and stuff

Hi guys,

So I have the video updated, just go onto Facebook and type in Pokemonster2908 in the search bar, press Like and then play the video!!!!!!! Hopefully another one will be soon, hopefully either of the final Gym or the Pokemon League/N’s Castle.
Anyway I’m not allowed a YouTube account 😦 so I will have to post them on my wall for now. I can’t wait if I do get one!

The good news is our stats are rising by the day, and our objective might be completed, so watch out for that.
So it’s Thursday, and meanwhile whilst I might be doing more videos, I’m waiting for the weekend so that means mlp3399 is coming round for the weekend (like he always does) and we’re gonna have fun.

No news for now, so…

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


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