Day 5 – The Special Day (SP 3)

Hi guys,

SO FINALLY IT’S THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

All the news is now up;

The Game Ratings have changed, so please check out whenever possible please, thanks. I’ve got the Liberty Pass and ready to get Victini tomorrow, so in the meantime here are the steps on getting the Fire/Psychic Legendary!

1) Get the games yourself.
2) Go to around 1st Gym, save your DS/DSI and shut it down.
3) Turn it back on, and select ‘Mystery Gifts’ on the Main Menu.
4) Select ‘ Via Nintendo WFC’ and press yes.
5) Watch get the Liberty Pass (if it lets you, that is)!
6) Get to Castelia City, and take the Liberty Pier.
7) Fight and catch Victini!

Note: He will never disappear until you catch him, so if you flee/beat him, go out of the room and come back in, and you can do it all over again (this can get you good experience points).

Mario Sports Mix I haven’t been on in a while, and since my step brother is now on Gold, we can go on Black Ops and World At War on Zombies with other people!

A couple of pages will be edited aswell, so look out for that – for example ‘The Surprises of 2011’ needs updating.

But a thing I’ve been saving is that we have now got 1000 views (1004, to be exact)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you, and this means ALOT to us, and it’s FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

So tomorrow will be another post, but I don’t know what time, oh and anything I’ve missed out will be added on to another post. The 1000 hit slogan is:

Thanks for reading (to all of you),
The very, very happy Pokemonster2908. 😎


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