Day 2: The 7 Steps

Hi guys,

Well I have some instructions on how to get some money but it requires you getting owned:

1) Bet somebody that one of your friends can hug another one of your friends.
2) Say a number to this person how many times they will hug each other (your friend has to have a lower number and make sure the other 2 people are there to hear it).
3) Let them hug the number of times they feel like (for example, if my friend said 4 and I said 5).
4) Say they got owned and you won the bet (then they have to pay you the money before they have the next hug – if they do).
5) They might hug one more time to own you.
6) When they ask for the money, just say you only have the money that your friend gave you.
7) Volia, done!

Note: They might get the money back of you, but that doesn’t matter since you could try cleaning your room for more money.

They might be another one of these this month, in fact they might be quite a bit.

In other news, tomorrow, the 4th of March, the 5th of March and possibly the 25th of March will be the big crackers as of this month so far.

Thanks for reading,
Pokemonster2908 🙂


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