The 3 good things of the 31st of July (well, 4 me anyway)!

Hi guys,

You know my name, pokemonster? Well, since pokemon is part of it, you can tell I can like Pokemon.

Well, happily tomorrow arrives the new Pokemon Anime, Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors (I remember the name since I watch the Johto League Championships episodes, which helps me somehow), which where in the 9th Episode (If I can remember), Ash Ketchum gets to meet Flint, one the members of the Elite 4 and the Sunshore City’s Gym Leader Volkner.

As well as these new episodes every Saturday at 7am on Cartoon Network, one of my favourite days will land in 29 days tomorrow (which is the 31/07/2010)! You’ll probably guess it correctly because I’m not saying it.

Anyway for the last surprise, the Enigma Stone to encounter Latias (on Pokemon SS) and Latios (on Pokemon HG) will arrive! This means you can capture then other beast of the two to complete both of the set! Without this, you can only encounter Latias on Pokemon Heart Gold and Latios on Pokemon Soul Silver (unless obtaining them in a trade/Pal Park access)! To find out more about this amazing stuff, go onto my postboard on Moshi Monsters or go onto for even more stuff!

Pokemonster2908 🙂


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