Party happening!

Hello Pokemon fans, Moshi Monster Fans, Pokemon fans and Viva Pinata fans! Mlp3399 (someone I know and add him as that on Moshi Monsters as your friend) is going to throw a party on Club Penguin soon and here is what you need to know:

Name: Buddy 3399 (mlp3399’s name)
Date: 3rd May 2010
Time: 7:00 am – Club Penguin Standard Time
3:00 pm – England Time
10:00 am – America
Server: Deep Freeze
Place: Night Club – Downstairs
What to wear: Anything!

Hope you can come to his party! Sadly, I will not be on though (I am pokemonster2908 on Club Penguin and my other penguin is Frigid F00l but it comes out as P115217378 – my friend made Frigid F00l for me but not mlp3399 or yokey77 (mainly know as purdyw) who made that one – pokemonster2908 was created by me. Hope you can come!

Pokemonster2908 🙂


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